• Dance.

    Expressions of the {He}Art.

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  • As a seasoned professional dancer,

    It has been my pleasure to enjoy the realms of dance through traditional/classical, modern + cultural expressions.


    Through 25 years of experience in classical ballet, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, hip-hop, street styles, Bollywood, Latin, Afro-infused, Brazilian & other cultural art forms, I am deeply grateful for the dexterity of expression I have been able to immerse in through my exploration of dance.


    Teaching over the years has also been very rewarding; from children to adults in a range of genres, as well as opening my first performing arts organisation for children with disability in 2014, The Butterfly Effect Project. My greatest love, however, has been to skilfully integrate central wellbeing and spiritual practices into the recreational mannerisms of dance, so as to cultivate greater embodied change and transformation inside the individual and the community.

    Now, gesturing forward,

    I love sharing the spiritual embodiment practices + teachings I have honed + discovered throughout the last 9 years of my journey, and holistic fruition as a woman; using dance as a tool for self-awakening, embodiment, connection + liberation, for personal + collective thriving.


    You are able to experience this through my projects Womban's Way & Mama's Way.


    Here we delve into the tools, ways of Living, Being + Becoming. The practices toward a deeply-connected & Sacred Womban. It is my deepest privilege to create this journey for others, where women are ushered into the Greatest versions of themselves. Connected to themselves, so as to become connected to the Earth, and be the most authentic reflection thus change-makers we can be as human beings, now, on this planet.


    I believe this is the gateway to the future embodiment of leadership, integrating into our core systems to influence how we raise our children, recreate our societies, and form our future Earth. Recreating innovative ways of living, being and thriving. This work is dedicated and devoted to our Holistic Evolution as a Humanity, where and how we Grow, and how we move Forward. X