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    Born-and-raised in Brisbane, Australia of Filipino & Indian heritage, Roshni was dancing before she could walk, and singing before she could talk. Running deep in her personal constitution, upbringing and lineage, the Arts/music & movement was noteably her natural passion. Beginning dance classes at the age of 3, she became a prevalent performer throughout her childhood and into her adolescence.


    At 13, life would take its toll, with her sister being born with a rare disability and shortened lifespan, and her mother's concurrent health decline. This catalysed the beginning of childhood trauma which would shape her future path. Required to mature from a very young age, Roshni experienced a radical shift in roles and responsibility; by age 14, from other significant traumatic events, she unfortunately then incurred severe anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia (16-years later, discovering it was undisclosed PTSD.) Feeling like she lost her identity, potential and all that made her 'herself' overnight, her life completely changed in that moment as she knew it.


    Albeit having become a professional performer and top academic student from a young age, Roshni still persisted to rediscover herself, regardless of enduring suffering for the next 9 years. Graduating high-school and university, she then co-produced, directed & choreographed Australia Salutes Michael Jackson at age 18 (which toured around Australia) and featured as lead roles and core-cast members in pronounced musicals such as Miss Saigon & Rent.


    Moving overseas to The Philippines to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming an entertainer and artist at 23, her health hit rock bottom whilst working as a music TV host, model & pursuing actress. Desiring change but stoic nonetheless, she flew back to Australia to work with a neurological chiropractor, a 'sleep doctor,' who worked with applied kinesiology. Along with being introduced to her first mentor in women's wellbeing, this became the synchronistic catalyst that then changed the entire direction of her life, love, passion, and career.


    Encountering healing as she had never before (working with multiple psychologists and counsellors in the past) Roshni's eyes were opened to a whole new world. Through Eastern medicine & naturally-discovered and -embodied spiritual practices, childhood regression techniques and other introspective healing modalities, Roshni found peace after only 1.5 months, and naturally had a spiritual awakening. Here she experienced the awakening of her consciousness, perception, connection to her sexuality, and the experience of her life changed forever.

    Meditating at least 4-hours a day, and living like a monk for the next 8 months, Roshni had her own experience of Nirvana or Enlightenment, receiving the vision of a new world (and how she could be of influence and personal contribution to it.) Seeing a world thriving in holistic Wellbeing–integrating practices of meditation, self-connection, depth and other transformative tools, as well as returning to Self, community, and our humble roots with the Earth–Roshni knew this could impact and inspire the world-at-large. Through a defined focus on enlightenment and becoming an embodied mother, as well as the sensually-enlivened and connected womban, Roshni's desire thrives from her own embodied becoming and practice of self-connection, self-nurturing, and love...and how she chooses to move and be, everyday.


    By focusing on healing the Women, the central, pro-creative beings of this Earth (being one herself) she knows this affects everything–from how we see the world, understand ourselves & others, how we create a deep, compassionate and empathetic connection to everything around us; to how we raise our children, shape the future generation, heal lineages and generational trauma, heal present-day relationships, what we choose to create through our work, and ultimately influences, inspires and conspires the conception & births the consciousness which creates our projects, how we move forward, and how we build our future Earth. Ultimately, it is the focus of recreating a healthy, new, connected & inspired world through becoming it first; through a journey of awakening, embodiment, and integration into our natural human potential and form.


    Opening her first organisation for children and adults with disability in 2014 ("The Butterfly Effect Project," motivated by her childhood dream of helping others like her late baby-sister heal, transform and find joy), she has also hosted workshops nationally and internationally for women, men and couples, using dance and connection as a mechanism for spiritual embodiment, healing and wellbeing (from working with people in the Latin Dance community through to spiritual & more rural communities.) Through her one-to-one sessions, she has supported a variety of people to heal through the vast range of modalities she has learnt, honed and developed over the last decade, to support others to live and create thriving, happy and deeply-connected lives.


    Devoted to being and becoming the woman, artist & leader she's always known herself and envisioned to be, Roshni is currently her pursuing her art forms, creating for others, offering 1:1 sessions & mentorship programs for women, artists and visionaries who want to heal and actualise their potential, while launching her programs Womban's Way and Mama's Way. Desiring to be an example of healing, embodiment, wellbeing, and that dreams do come true, Roshni is committed to becoming the revolutionary artist she wants to be, create a thriving life where nature and connection plays a central-role, and inspire the world to become who they were meant to be...leaving the planet better than what it was.

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