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    Bring Your Vision To Life.

    Authenticity • Impact • Power.


    Creative Direction + Production/Development


    Voiceovers | Radio Ads

    Jingle/Music Composition

    Graphics Design | Branding | Website Development

  • With 15+ years of professional experience in creative direction, production & development,


    I thoroughly enjoy implementing my creative vision through a multitude of mediums to create world-leading branding + development for the benefit of small businesses–particularly for those in the wellbeing and arts industries.


    Some of the brands I've created for are:

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    VoiceOvers | Radio Ads

    Professional Voice & VoiceOver Production (inc. Editing)

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    VoiceOver Demo 2022

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    15 Second Radio Ad

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    30 Second Radio Ad

  • Jingles

    Writing & Composition

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    "Congratulate Yourself"

    Dollars & Sense Discount Variety Stores (2013)

    Written, Composed, Arranged & Backing Vocals by Roshni Rebecca

    Produced by SENI

    Lead Vocals by Beau McMahon



    You want value, you want the right price?

    You want those quality things you just can't sacrifice?

    Well you feel - so - good! 'Cos there's no extra expense,

    Congratulate yourself for going to:

    Dollars & Sense. (Oh yeah!)


    – in the voice of "Barry White"

  • Website Development

    I empower self-sustainable entrepreneurs to create their own unique branding + self-created website so that they can function independently, confidently, easily, completely location- and delegation-free.

    Using pre-developed platforms such as Strikingly, we modify your website exactly to your needs & specifications so that they serve your business and customer/client in the most cost-, time- and resource-efficient way possible, as well as making your businesses run with ease, flow and grace.


    Designing your own website and having full power & control as a creative/entrepreneur is the way of the future, and I encourage all people to get on the bandwagon of becoming your own self-sustained boss through developing your own website so it's as easy to manipulate and self-design as drag-and-drop.


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    Classic Christmas Gems

    Australia's original Christmas Baubles company which specialises in fine hand-personalisation + other fine glass decor (since 1999.)

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