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    Become the Nurturer Within.


    Embodiment, Becoming + Leadership for Women, HeArtists + Mamas-to-Be.

  • Mama –

    This is your time.


    Perhaps you find yourself in an unworthy predicament. Perhaps you feel unhappy, or unprepared, in most ways. Perhaps you feel disconnected from your Nature–that you do not trust yourself or in how you will raise your family. Perhaps you've experienced trauma, and fractured relationships, that need healing.


    Perhaps you've fallen pregnant without intending to. Perhaps you're terrified about your new phase & don't know what's coming or how to handle it. Perhaps you're filled with fear, and need some grounded & embodied support to come into your most balanced, free & affluent self.


    Your revolution exists in renewing yourself. Becoming your best self. The one who is free & fun & joyful, the one who lights up the room just by being.herself. The one who feels connected; the one who feels safe. Because a woman at peace creates abounding peace; in her life, in her children, in her family, in her household; influencing the community, its direction, and ultimately the energetic environment of the collective macrocosm as a whole.


    I imagine womben who are embodying their own sacred light and connected, embodied wisdom because they've gone deep, done the deep healing, and can play freely & playfully on the sand with their hair in the wind, being joyful & free as ever.


    And then, can be so deeply connected in their embodiment that they become the most unshakeable force of Groundedness, connected to their Knowing; connected to the Earth, and embodying the Wise, Natured Womban within.

    This is who I see you as, & who I want you to be.


    Happy. Truly, down to her very insight; her beloved wellbeing.


    And Down-to-Earth–owning Herself–as the Sacred woman she Is.


    Come with me on this journey to reclaim your best & most beautiful self–and be the leader of future nations. Because we, as women, reshape the world. Through our Being, our Becoming, our Insight, our Pleasure; our own Embodied Revolution.


    When we are balanced, when we wake up, when we embody our greatest, deepest & most-heartfelt light, darkness, love & power–we become the leader of nations.


    We raise the future generation and shape the energetic scape with the same insight we have discovered through our own journey–thereby literally reshaping the world.


    You are the revolution. The inspiration & spark of insight begins with/in you. This is it...the time is now!


    May you be inspired to be & become your most abundant, most luscious self–and, through you own evolution, find joy, peace & wellbeing–whilst being the change we need and want to see.


    This Matriarchal Movement begins with(in) us. With much love,


    Roshni xo

  • Experience.


    – Mama's Healing Circles, Breakthrough Remedies & more –

    Join an upcoming event for your holistic healing, connection, sisterhood & deep feminine revival and matriarchal embodiment.

    1:1 Sessions

    Find home within yourself to find peace, self-love, joy and tranquility. The natural matriarch becomes a by-product of your powerful personal healing process. With the utmost safety, care & compassion, you will be held in this incredibly sacred time of your fruition and becoming; as a mother, daughter, partner and ultimately, a woman.


    A 2-week Rebirthing Journey for Mothers-to-Be – where nature, sacred connection and your own personal healing, as well as relaxation, are the focus of your time spent with us. Transform & Be Nurtured into the Womban you Are. Coming soon.


    Behold the New World–as it Becomes Within You.

    My child, my dear, as you Grow–

    It Grows too.


    Your practices,

    Your Embodiment–

    Your Healing–


    You alone are what will {re}shape our World;

    You, as Mother, as Creator, as Artist–shaping the future generation;

    our beloved Children...and the future lineage of those to come.


    By how you choose to Be

    How you choose to Become

    How you live; evolve;


    How you Enlighten;

    How you Love.


    The world–our World–


    From literally




    You are the Power

    Of recreating


    Our {Mother} Earth.

    As she reshapes us, we further surrender

    and Learn from Her.


    Through our abounding Consciousness,

    And our ever-thriving Love,

    It is up to us, as awakened individuals,

    To Be Alive,

    To Love & be Loved

    As we wish

    to Experience it.


    This is a space

    for us to Reconnect

    to the Soulful, connected, embodied, and whole womban within;

    the Wise Womban within;

    the Wild womban within;


    And be the Bearers of Truth,

    Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, Forgiveness, Vulnerability, Strength & Power

    Understanding, Willingness, Connection &


    –The Light–

    That we have been seeking.


    We are the Ones.


    You are the One.


    May you awaken to & embody Love so that it fills you,

    It Becomes You,

    spreads wide, and impacts & inspires others;


    And most of All...

    Through this–

    May you Become

    The Healing Revolution

    of the World.

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