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    Embody the Womban Within.

    Connection, Expression + Embodiment for the Wild, Authentic + Soulfully-Spirited Woman.

  • Womban's Way is a series of liberating, connective & deep-embodying wanderlust, movement & authentic-feminine connection experiences in Nature –

    to express, release and imbibe the authentic, wild & soulful feminine essence, nature and self.

  • Opening up the mind, body + soul through connection, circle and movement-based practices in the most luscious prospects of nature, we create an awakening experience; stimulating a higher state of Consciousness, and then deepen to embody. Opening up the gateways of authentic pleasure, joy + ultimate liberation to awaken our fullest potential, we (re)awaken the aliveness of our hearts, bodies, minds & spirits, which have been waiting for us + craving to be experienced.


    These immersive events awaken the inspiration, connection + authentic expression for women, a natural experience which has been lost over time; having women like you searching for these feelings, tools and experiences for eons. Here to give you the freedom, consciousness + expansion required to live your highest potential, you'll awaken (to) new parts of you, embody the woman you want to become, and discover the insights you've been searching for. Through this, you'll find the invigorating + life-giving joy and spirit you've unknowingly been waiting for; for a long, long time.


    Embodying this newfound expression–forming new, concrete + authentic ways of being–we influence our life, our creations, our inspirations and our visions; how we lead, how we raise our children, and how we create a new world; revolutionizing the longevity of our health, wellbeing + embodiment as women, and keeping that central to how everything thrives.


    This, is where you come alive.


    This is the most fun, life-generating, authentically-activating + safe space to become your next-evoleved or truest self through Connection with Self, Nature and Sisterhood.

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    Womban's Way: Expand

    Date TBA, 2023

    Awaken the Womban Within. Set in an exotic yet local, tranquil nature space, we gather to wanderlust into nature, and into ourselves. Cultivating deep connection through nature-walks or 'walk abouts,' connecting to ourselves and with other feminine women in circle, deep-reflection and movement, we gather to embody, reconnect and re-enliven–leaving refreshed, renewed, and fulfilled with the intention we began with. This is the key to unlocking our wholeness, bliss and reawakened more than ever before.

  • Are you ready to embody your most sensual, affluent and deliciously-powerful woman ever?

  • Upcoming Events



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    Womban's Way: Heels

    8-Week Course: Dates TBA, 2023

    Ready to apply your embodied wild wisdom within 4 walls? A beautiful testament to artfully and cohesively applying spiritual & feminine embodiment into the 'real world,' this specially-crafted experience is not to be missed...for those who want to become the whole, raw, and real woman.


    Integrating embodiment principles within a structured, high-level choreographic & dance experience, embody your fully sensual, wild & primitively-erotic sexual goddess, by becoming the empowering sex siren and thriving Priestess & Womban in you.