• The Ultimate Influencer Toolkit: How to Scale to 5 Figures Fast

    Learn the Tools, Systems + Shortcuts

    to Make the Easiest Passive Income Ever

    via The Amazon Influencer Program.

  • You're a wannabe, new or pre-existing Amazon Influencer who:


    has heard about or jumped on this epic program to make you passive income for the rest of your life...but you want to succeed, and fast.


    You're either completely new + have no idea what to do, stalled in your tracks, or have encountered some roadblocks along the way – but all you essentially want is to make effortless money easily, relax into your future freedom lifestyle, and learn the simple foundations + create it in a matter of hours.


    You're looking to:

    • Make the most effortless passive income, and learn how to do it in the easiest way possible (watch this first if you haven't already);
    • Get accepted into the program with flying colours, and get easily approved for onsite commissions;
    • Learn the easy, stress-free, seamless system that seriously enhances your productivity, cutting out huge amounts of time, energy + repetitiveness from your work: like successfully finding listed products, recording your videos quickly, to creating screenshots in bulk;
    • Smoothly upload to + navigate your backend with ease – all without over-exhausting yourself and repeating the same small tasks over + over; helping you get more done seamlessly x 10 that gets you actual $ results;
    • Learn the fast, easy, simple + very clear ways, tools + legitimate shortcuts that scale you to 5 figures fast; and
    • Have the clarity, certainty + trust you need to succeed, overcoming any intimidation and fear of failure, because you have the tools, guidelines + direction to lead you there.

    You don't want to feel unsure, lost or frustrated with where you're at – which is setting you back from where you want to be, alongside myself and other 5-6 figure earners who are gaining real traction + real results...but ultimately, you want to finally live + create your dream life; the one of freedom, ease, sustainable wealth (that you don't have to think about) and security; allowing you to pursue your passions + spend your beloved time doing what you actually love...fulfilling your heart's desires; while still getting paid.


    You want to ensure that the next steps you take actually work for you; and get you to where you want to be–to "the promised land"–faster.


    Well, my friend, I have just the thing for you...

  • Introducing:

    The Ultimate Influencer Toolkit: How to Scale to 5 Figures Fast

    Learn the exact tools, strategies, systems + shortcuts I've used, learnt, developed + discovered which has gotten me flowing with easy, effortless passive income in under 1 year, and scaling to 5 figures within 5 months.

  • This is for you if:

    • You want to shortcut to the end, fast;
    • You don't want to figure it out all on your own, take or waste your valuable effort, energy + time that you could be using to do better things, like harnessing your success to make more money faster, or spending time doing what you love; focusing on your gifts + passions, spending time with the people you love, relaxing, de-stressing and practicing actual self-care;
    • You want to speed up your success (or actually want to succeed) through learning the tools, shortcuts and 'cheats' I've learnt and developed over the last year succeeding as an Amazon Influencer, to get you to 5 figures (or more) faster, and ultimately work smarter, not harder;
    • You want the all-in-one solution that equips you with all of the tools you need to ensure your success in the Program; and
    • You want the absolute freedom to do whatever it is that you want: take a holiday or vacation to your next dream spot, go travelling around the globe, take time off to rest + heal, doing whatever you need to recharge your health + wellbeing, and/or pursuing your creativity + dreams without worrying about money or paying the bills, needs and necessities ever again. 🤩

    The freedom for you to dream big is here.

    This course teaches + provides you with the sustainable systems you need to truly + fully thrive in the Influencer Program... without wasting time or energy trying to figure it out on your own – getting you there 10 x faster.


    Full fruition, ease + satisfaction can be yours today...or in the very near-future.


    What we cover:

    The Big 3 that transformed my Influencer future forever.

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    1. Automatic Acceptance

    Having trouble getting accepted into the Program, trying over and over again without results? Or worried you're not going to get in on the first go, afraid to start; stalling your productivity + action-taking time, pushing you back even further? I got you covered ;) Learn the exact strategy I used to get in, and have taught many of my people – all whom have gotten in with a 0% failure/100% success rate, straight from the get-go. (I told you I got you!)


    Bonus modules just added:

    1. How to get Approved for Onsite Commissions;
    2. Applying as an International Influencer – can you apply outside the US?; and
    3. Registering for the Australian Amazon Influencer Program (Australians only – with the potential to double your income!)
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    2. Ultimate Productivity

    This system is exactly why I started creating + putting this training together in the first place. Not only do I show the way I quickly get videos done in record time with a secret tool that most average people don't know about...but I show you my way of fluidly uploading all of things, down to the nitty-gritty details, in bulk – so that you're achieving your goals 10 x faster. (Not a sales pitch – fully legit.) This is what I love to do – showing you the ways to harness more of your energy + time so that life becomes easier, your actions are fast, and it's done without any headaches!


    Includes: The exact system/framework + process which I demo directly for ultimate productivity, so all you have to do is watch, copy and apply straight away. {Best for people with Apple products/iPhone + MacBook, for even more of a seamless flow.}


    Bonus modules just added:

    1. Creating Videos Post-Filming (how to film products on-the-run, adding narration afterwards, for whenever you want)
    2. How to Make a Review (for Complete Beginners!) – The *exact how-to* on creating reviews of products, and how to upload them to your backend.
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    3. Scale to 5 Figures, Fast

    If you're wanting to know the best and most effective tools + shortcuts to achieve exactly this in the program...then this is your module. I reveal the strategies that I have learnt through other leading high-income Influencers I met through SPS (Simple Profit System) but I also share my #1 trick I discovered, which landed me making $6K+ in one month just 9 months after starting my Influencer journey. (But now, will hopefully take you sooner!) I also share another system I developed for those wanting to leverage their numbers while putting their feet up, without exerting extra effort or energy at all, while potentially onboarding new clients seamlessly through the process and supporting others.


    Bonus Offers:

    • Discounted rate to The Fluid Scaling System (a simple + fast way to outsource your work to reach 5-figures with ease, flow + almost-total relaxation, while effortlessly onboarding new people to create affiliate sales organically)
    • Reference to Trainings by leading 5-6 Figure Amazon Influencers from our Group
  • So are you keen?


    I am SO excited to share all of this with you. This is the most jam-packed training I've ever created for this Program, at such a low price. I know that, if applied duly, this training will help you to get to where you want to be fast, without compromising any of your beloved energy, effort + time any longer – on stuff that should be as easy as sliding into your bed every night – so you can finally celebrate and say, "Yes, I did the damn thang!"

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    For all of the tools + shortcuts to get you celebrating your future 5-figures – I hope to see you on the other side!

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    Hi, I'm Roshni!

    An artist, creator + visionary who has been in 'the business' for 10 years as an entrepreneur + social enterprise developer – who struggled hard trying to figure out all of the ways to make a sustainable income through my passion, vision, attributes + doing what I love...and then got into even more trouble through significant traumas which put me back even further, feeling like even more of a failure. After the hardest time in my life, the Simple Profit System landed on lap through my mentor, Travis Stephenson, and from doing all of the inner work to be ready to take action – I leapt and applied myself fully; head down, bum up.


    After 4 months of 'working' 10 hours a week (the most I could do at that point) I was able to put my feet up and create a sustainable passive income, and in 9 months earnt my first $6K month completely passively. In 1 year, I've made a total of $37,348.11 from the Amazon Influencer Program, inclusive of affiliate commissions just by sharing this program with others. I have also successfully helped other people become financially free from their soul-sucking jobs to now living the life of their dreams that they have always wanted, such as kitesurfing through the islands of the Philippines and having easy, comfortable lives at home with their children as single mums.


    It is my passion to share what works with you (having tried so many things that didn't get me results this quickly, easily + effortlessly) but most especially, to help harness the freedom + joy of other beings on this planet, as my desire and drive to create human thriving as a result from suffering is a big tick on my Dharma list. Helping you thrive alive in the best way you can is absolutely essential for me, to see that things are working out, and most especially so that your gifts are thriving in the world, being free from suffering in whatever life or situation got you here in the first place.


    It is an honour to share the shortcuts and what works with you, and I truly hope you find + create relief, joy and bliss in the light at the end of your tunnel – that you so deserve. In this way, I truly hope you become free. With love, R x

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    The Ultimate Influencer Toolkit: Scale to 5 Figures Fast

    The Ultimate Influencer Toolkit: Scale to 5 Figures Fast

    Learn the ultimate tools, shortcuts + strategies to accelerate your Amazon Influencer growth with ease, effortlessness and fluidity:

    1. Automatic Acceptance (with 0% failure/100% success rate) (value $247);

    2. Ultimate Productivity (the fluid system to get video review numbers high while cutting time, energy and exhaustion in your backend) (value $367); and

    3. Scale to 5 Figures Fast (the surprising top tool/s to do exactly that.) (value $397)

    – Extra Module: Getting Approved for Onsite Commissions (value $107)
    – Extra Module: Applying as an International Influencer (value $107)
    – Extra Module: Registering for the Australian Amazon Influencer Program (Australians only) (value $107)
    – Extra Module: Creating Videos Post-Filming (value $67)
    – Extra Module: How to Make a Review (for Complete Beginnners!) (value $127)
    – Training Breakdown PDF (value $197)

    Total $1,723 value – for just $167 USD.
    (Payment plans available via PayPal x 4)

    (Total training time: 3 hours) Your Influencer success is guaranteed if you apply these tools directly to your process and activities.

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