• Make passive income in the easiest way possible.

    – The Amazon Influencer Program & The Simple Profits System –

  • Looking for the easiest way to make passive income?


    That is totally sustainable, and supports your lifestyle, future dream & general wellbeing? Then this is for you.

    This, without a doubt, is the easiest way I've ever made an income online.


    With everything already pretty much done for you–this is one of the greatest opportunities I got to easily & (almost) effortlessly make a passive income online–to be sustained for my future, and create a sustainable path to freedom.


    If you are:

    • An artist or creative who needs money or extra cash to live & get by, have a supported platform to work off, generate more art, and pursue your passion + soul more sustainably; or
    • A mom who needs extra ways to make ends meet so you're not struggling everyday, and invest into your & your family's health and wellbeing, supporting your children even more; or
    • A professional who just wants to make some extra cash as a side-gig, which you can keep as small, low & chill as you want, or easily and simply grow and compound it to make more; or
    • A budding entrepreneur who is struggling to make ends meet & get your business off the ground, and it would be of such great benefit to have an extra, supportive income that will contribute to your dream lifestyle; that you don't think to think about and will accumulate over time, while you sleep; or
    • Someone who just wants to have security and income that will accumulate over time, without effort or putting any extra crap into it, without learning systems or backends or any mumbo-jumbo complicated strategies that it set up naturally and already does it for you:

    Whomever you are–I assure you–this is and will be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

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    Above photo: My earnings just 3 months into the program (in $USD.) I received my first commission on 12 February 2023, and it compounded from there.

    As an artist, creative & budding visionary for the majority of my life, who then had a momentous spiritual awakening through healing (which became my main, integral focus) making a passive income was (and still is part of) the dream.


    I know what it's like to struggle and be desperate. Aside from the supposed arts to seem unstable or inconsistent in maintaining a generic income, my own deep traumas stopped me from accomplishing the life of my dreams; let alone living a normal, day-to-day life where I felt safe to just work to meet my basic needs. The stress and anxiety from a) needing money to get by, b) to heal, and c) wanting to use my passions to make a living, was the ultimate concoction for a life stifled & unfulfilled...and of struggle, hardship, challenge, terror and almost always being near-broke. No matter how hard I tried. So I know what it's like: to struggle, to dream, and to hope for the best...even when the life in front of you seems so hard. And, through entrepreneurship, putting all of the energy, passion, love and desire you have in you for something that is a risk, and may not financially take off at all.


    But this way is fool-proof. If you are willing to put in the minimal amount of minutes & hours to fulfil the basic requirements (all you need is a phone with video, the internet and a brain/logic) that will essentially support you sustainably for your future, then there is no way of failing–unless you don't put any work in at all and nothing gets done, in which case, you won't see any results (which goes for anything in this life.)

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    My total earnings ($USD) from 12 February 2023 - 11 August 2023. This equates to $10,834.87 AUD in 6 months. As you can see, you can double your income each month, naturally, forever. (I got lazy in May so the results in June speak for themselves.)

    For almost the entire previous decade–from being & becoming the founder of a social enterprise (Australia's first transformative arts school for children with disability–where heart, passion & humanitarian vision came first before money...which taught me huge + painful life lessons, and almost broke me...) to being a leader and a healer who wanted to spread + support others through spirituality (but had to learn to become an entrepreneur to do so) and for the majority of my life, being a professional performer and dancer, teaching workshops across the country & very humbly, through my liberative & spiritual teachings, internationally–I've done my honest work of studying money, entrepreneurship and business, in both the online and real-world.


    And let me tell you, along with Travis (the creator of The Simple Profits System, the all-in-one training for The Amazon Influencer Program, who has been a successful online entrepreneur and affiliate marketing specialist for 14 years) I too have not yet come across something so easy, that takes the smallest amount of time, effort, energy and overall investment, that gets me the highest rewards–ongoing, long term.


    I've done entrepreneurship; I've done crypto; I've done coaching; I've done business (and I'm still pursuing and mastering it.)


    And nothing I've come across seems nor feels as sustainable and ongoing as this. With the least amount of time and effort required. Period.


    I don't do salesy. I don't like it; it doesn't feel authentic to me. But the reason why I'm sharing this here, is because this has worked for me–and it can support you & most definitely will work for you, too.

    So if you desire to set up a passive income stream for yourself that will essentially set you up with income for the rest of your life,


    and compounds so quickly that you'll effectively have said income within months (let alone weeks), within minimal effort, then I'll see you on the other side. No traps, no BS, no false claims–just straightforward realness that gets you what you need ASAP.


    In love & service,


    Roshni x

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    Above: Other earnings from my peers in the Simple Profits System group & community.


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    P.S. If you are willing to invest a mere one-off $97 USD for a lifetime of ongoing passive income, forever... Income which compounds monthly to however much you want to build it to...for a training that's only 1-1.5 hours long in total...then look no futher. This is literally the easiest way to make the best income ever, given to you on a silver platter. This whole thing is basically a no-brainer, and it's legitimate. I hope you were smart enough to read this fine print – because this could be the best and greatest thing you've ever come across with regards to creating a real passive income stream that has the capacity to change your life, for good. See you on the other side. ;)