• The Ultimate Influencer Toolkit: How to Scale to 5 Figures Fast

    Outsource Your Workload, and Gain Affiliate Sales

    The smart + simple system to scale faster, put your feet up + have your work done for you...while creating future sales.

  • You're a low- to mid-successful Amazon Influencer who:


    has gained some traction making a small to mid income through the Program, but you're ready to find a fast + easy way to:

    • Outsource your work and increase your video count + income rapidly, by guiding others to do it for you, whilst simultaneously doing nothing + putting your feet up; and
    • Increase your affiliate sales organically at the same time, inspiring others to do it for themselves in a very fluid + natural way.
    • (You might also be motivated to share this program + its benefit with others; truly helping and inspiring those who need the money fast, and right now. This can be a 'humanitarian way' to support others while getting your goods too, if you really want to share this from your heart.)

    But ultimately, you're wanting to offload your workload + find a smart way so it's done for you...and do it in a way that's the least amount of bullsh*t, and the greatest amount of ease + return.

  • Introducing:

    The Ultimate Influencer Toolkit: How to Scale to 5 Figures Fast

    Learn the simple, easy + supportive system I developed for getting others to do my work for me, increasing my video count + income x 5 within weeks, while creating a supportive foundation for others to learn the tools they need for the program–and hence generating affiliate sales for you in a far more easy, fluid, passive + organic way.

  • This is for you if:

    • You're tired of hustling your way through making 20-100 videos per week for yourself, and want to start outsourcing your work to others – at a price that is affordable for you, but is a great opportunity to make easy income for them;
    • You want to put your feet up, have more ease, flow + relaxation in your life, while rapidly increase your video count and income in the Program without effort, freeing up way more time, energy + your beloved brain-cells; and
    • You're wanting to learn how to scale faster, and naturally support others + share the program in an easy, stress-free and non-sleazy way, that ends up supporting others so much so that they end up reaching out to you organically to get involved with the program (making you more effortless affiliate sales.) 😍

    The opportunity for you to relax + effortlessly exceed is here.

    Gain your income + work done faster, with no effort or stress...while liberating others in the most passive, subconscious + easy way!



    Learn the system I've used to easily increase my income, and decrease my workload.

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    The Fluid Scaling System

    • 1 x 50 minute training video (value $349); and
    • The Fluid Scaling System PDF – full breakdown (value $179)
  • So are you ready to liberate yourself... and others?


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    For the simple, stress-free way to get your numbers higher, your energy-output lower, and get fuller freedom sooner – See you on the other side!

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    Hi, I'm Roshni!

    An artist, creator + visionary who has been in 'the business' for 10 years as an entrepreneur + social enterprise developer – who struggled hard trying to figure out all of the ways to make a sustainable income through my passion, vision, attributes + doing what I love...and then got into even more trouble through significant traumas which put me back even further, feeling like even more of a failure. After the hardest time in my life, the Simple Profit System landed on lap through my mentor, Travis Stephenson, and from doing all of the inner work to be ready to take action – I leapt and applied myself fully; head down, bum up.


    After 4 months of 'working' 10 hours a week (the most I could do at that point) I was able to put my feet up and create a sustainable passive income, and in 9 months earnt my first $6K month completely passively. In 1 year, I've made a total of $37,348.11 from the Amazon Influencer Program, inclusive of affiliate commissions just by sharing this program with others. I have also successfully helped other people become financially free from their soul-sucking jobs to now living the life of their dreams that they have always wanted, such as kitesurfing through the islands of the Philippines and having easy, comfortable lives at home with their children as single mums.


    It is my passion to share what works with you (having tried so many things that didn't get me results this quickly, easily + effortlessly) but most especially, to help harness the freedom + joy of other beings on this planet, as my desire and drive to create human thriving as a result from suffering is a big tick on my Dharma list. Helping you thrive alive in the best way you can is absolutely essential for me, to see that things are working out, and most especially so that your gifts are thriving in the world, being free from suffering in whatever life or situation got you here in the first place.


    It is an honour to share the shortcuts and what works with you, and I truly hope you find + create relief, joy and bliss in the light at the end of your tunnel – that you so deserve. In this way, I truly hope you become free. With love, R x

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    The Fluid Scaling System: Outsource to Onboard

    The Fluid Scaling System: Outsource to Onboard

    Learn the fluid system to outsource your work, increase your numbers (videos *and* income) + put your feet up, while simultaneously generating easy + organic affiliate sales.

    – 1 x 50 minute training video (value $349); and
    – The Fluid Scaling System PDF (value $179)

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