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    The Destination

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  • Welcome to Island Vibe Tribe Retreat

    Where creative artists of the world come to play, connect, & {r}evolve.


    Focusing on jamming, connection, wellbeing & spirit, this retreat is geared to enthuse all creatives & musicians alike to jam, have fun, revive, & connect together through song, circle, ritual, initiation, and vibes.


    With the desire to host an annual retreat for her 'vibe tribe,' Roshni has had this vision since 2014 to create a vibe-retreat for her people, focusing on reviving our health, wellbeing & spirits.


    The program involves daily yoga, meditation, circle & jamming, while we gather to reconnect with ourselves, connect with each other, and overall feel completely revitalised & alive, and have a damn-good, soulful time.


    Led by Roshni (and other facilitators she's hired & met through the years) on board, we intend to make this an unforgettable love-juice vibe that will continue to reunite new & old souls each year.


    Integrating healthy, farm-organic food, blissed & blessed out with the most fundamental daily practices of living a healthy, juicy life, Roshni hopes for her soul team to come together & vibe out how it's supposed to be–with love, happiness, & connection.

    with the desire to awaken to our highest potential (if you're not there already.) 😉


    Ultimately, we gather to connect, to vibe out, to have fun & jam, but also with the intention to awaken through our daily health & wellbeing/spiritual practices, such as yoga, meditation, ceremony, circle, & fire tribe.


    With healthy, soul-nourishing food, incredible accommodation, located in the depths of earthly paradise, we desire to co-create a world which thrives on embodied love, joy, peace, & wellbeing.


    We wanna see the highest-vibing, joyful, spiritually-integrated yet down-to-earth, soulful, magnetic beings vining together as a collective, as one, in the beautiful array of diversity we have been gifted as, celebrating life, wonder, joy, & thriving in our highest wellbeing.

  • Ready to jam?

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