Jane's Amazon Strategy Session

Jane's Amazon Strategy Session

*On her way to $1000-$2000 months*

Jane and I just got off our free 15 min call for me to coach + audit Jane's Amazon account and see where I can help her make more $$ monthly and move the needle forward.

Jane's goal is to earn $1000-$2000 stably, so we went directly into her backend to analyse the numbers and look at the statistics, and I gave her the straight-up strategies to increase and sustain better and higher numbers, for the future.

Sticking to the >> one, simple strategies << that gets *results* is imperative to get high income per month, increase productivity by A LOT, and reduce your time of fluffing around not knowing what to do, and getting crappy results from it. (How frustrating!) So we cleared all that up.

We also discussed HOW to get her numbers up through staying consistent with certain actions, staying focused to get sh*t done, and WHAT exactly those actions were.

If you'd like to receive the full 20-minute strategy session, you can buy this short training. This will help you know what *not* to do, and how to stay focused to also get high amounts of $ income per month.
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