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    Step 1: Skip to the end with my Ultimate Influencer Toolkit

    Over 2023, I mastered the Amazon Influencer Program myself – learning shortcuts from my peers + others, and created my own easy + simple systems, and straight-to-the-top strategies to harness my success (hitting 5 figures in 5 months.) In 4 months alone, I had already finished "working" and could put my feet up, earning near $40,000 AUD within the first year. (The original training I did gives you the basic foundational tools and access to more income streams–which you can see + access below–but I advise you start with this, then the below training, if you want the most dexterous + fully-leveraged support.)


    If you want to:

    • Fully succeed in the Amazon Influencer Program, learning all of the shortcuts, strategies + go-tos to hit 5 figures fast;
    • Access the easiest + most successful way to get instantly approved for the Program (that's different from Travis' way...and has a 0% failure/100% success rate);
    • Use your time, energy + action-taking wisely to ensure you're working at ultimate/peak productivity, not repeating the same monotonous tasks unnecessarily, thus reaching your income goals faster, with ease;
    • Gets dibs on the (#1) secrets, tools + tricks I used to scale to 5 figures fast; and
    • Learn all of the other strategies + systems I used + harnessed so that there are no gaps in your influencer journey + success.

    Click the link below to literally work smarter, not harder and fast-track to your success.

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    Step 2: Learn this powerful system from Travis

    Again, this was the OG training I did to get in (but learnt many more tools + filled in the gaps myself through my 1-year journey to succeed quickly in the way I did.) I highly advise this too if you're wanting the most fundamental support to kick it in the program; the true bonus being an epic community of people who are right there with you, and will cheer you on from day-one.


    You get access to:

    • The Simple Profit System (now known as Paid Content Creator) on entering the Amazon Influencer Program;
    • Multiple income streams (yes, more than one!) through this opportunity alone, becoming a "paid creator" without learning more arduous skills or needing to be some sort of tech superman;
    • The Community (easily valued over $5K, from its thorough + expansive support);
    • Free insight + tips from multiple successful influencers + passive-income earners in the group, on how to scale your income, that's posted in the group daily;
    • Trainings to uplevel + super-scale your income with said influencers, including myself; and
    • (Literally) The most supportive people + the best support I've ever experienced from any training program I've joined (and I've done a lot...and personally after 10-years experience, it is this support that actually gets you to where you wanna be.)

    This is one of the greatest things + most lucractive opportunities for the cheapest price you will ever get your hands on:

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    Step 2: Open my email

    Literally – do this now!


    I just sent you the most important email – which gives you access to my online storefront that no one else receives! (This gives you good insight on what's required of you if you follow through with this simple program – a very generous cheat code to hack your way to the top.)


    I'll also be sending you some emails from time to time, talking about the different ways I'm leveraging this program, creating multiple income streams...and so.much.more!


    Eventually I'll be sending emails on healing, wellbeing, my journey to ultimate success + fulfilling my dreams... So check your email now to make sure you're getting them.

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    Step 3: Join my free Facebook Group!

    You don't want to miss this step! I give out FREE information and updates all the time in this group, including my friends who've joined the program as well. We all have a bit of a party when those dollars start comin' in...and it can get pretty fun. So come join our community – we'd love to have you.