• Nervana™

    – The Ultimate Relaxation Technique –

    The #1 Practice to Heal Stress, Anxiety and Relieve Trauma through Meditation & Slow Breathwork

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    Learn the easiest, most healing & relaxing way

    to sustainably relieve anxiety, stress, trauma & tension, rebalance your nervous system and create functional freedom, joy and wellbeing in your body, from the ease & comfort of your home.

  • Designed to help you:

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    • Calm your nervous system from debilitating anxiety;
    • Get sustainable relief from tension and mild to severe stress;
    • Heal deep physiological tension created from psychological trauma;
    • Open your mind so that you are more apt to healing psychological trauma, and create an authentic, grounded and embodied awakening;
    • Rebalance and regulate your nervous system in a healthy, safe, long-term and sustainable way;
    • Reprogram and restructure your body, mind and nervous systems so that you’re living a healthy, balanced and optimal life;
    • Have the most beneficial lifetime tool that you can (and most probably will) use for the rest of your life (and just might save you);
    • Gain a deeper and more authentic embodiment of Self and a pathway to enlightenment, if you’re practicing Spirituality, Personal Development or general Well-being;
    • Embody your full energetic potential, especially if you’ve experienced trauma and setbacks, burnout and trauma-induced fatigue; and
    • Sustainably develop inner peace, tranquility, presence/awareness and true freedom mentally, physiologically and fill up with Qi (your Being's energy...which is what creates everything.)
  • What triggers our stress, anxiety and trauma

    is found within our autonomic nervous system – our parasympathetic nervous system (where rest-and-digest lies) and our sympathetic nervous system (where our engage-and-go mode lies, as well as fight-or-flight.)


    Because our modern day world and day-to-day society usually engages the sympathetic nervous system, from external actions, 'doing' and "being producitve," an imbalance in these nervous systems is created. We feel less rested, less relaxed, and more stressed. This creates more 'grinding and going' nonstop, and doing a lot so much of the time. From this, our parasympathetic nervous system is under-engaged, and hence our body never really gets an opportunity to truly rest, heal, restore itself and properly revive. In this state, we never really feel truly embodied.


    Anxiety then can occur because our sympathetic nervous system is overly engaged & stimulated. And from instances of trauma, tension manifests in the body and can be more easily retriggered in the mind because our sympathetic (or "masculine energy" in some spiritual terms) is over-engaged, and our parasympathetic (or "feminine energy") is under-engaged; our nervous systems are no longer in a healthy, basic and foundational balance–which creates an ongoing sustainability for us to continue moving forward and truly thriving.

    In order to have the most optimal health and well-being

    our nervous systems (and hence, polarity or "masculine/feminine"-energies) need to be in balance. In many exercise or wellness practices, it is difficult to find something that does this together in harmony in unison. In our daily lives, our parasympathetic nervous system needs to have an opportunity to engage, and our sympathetic nervous system needs to have an opportunity to relax. But ultimately, both need to be properly engaged for optimal well-being, to be in harmony and balance.


    Imbalance is when we feel off-centre–either too heightened, anxious or stressed, or under-engaged and depressed. This disharmony is what creates disease within ourselves and our greater lives. Without this optimal balance and harmony, we can become unwell, unhappy and unable to fulfil our true potential in all areas we seek to thrive – in our health & wellbeing, our relationships, our career and finances, and spirituality.


    This knowledge of harmonious 'balance' is taught in all traditional & foundational teachings of Spirituality & healing modalities: Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine; Parasympathetic and Sympathic. Our greatest health is derived from this balance and ability to create a deep regeneration within the body, mind, soul + spirit.

    This practice is derived from ancient knowledge over 10,000 years old

    carried down from traditional Tantra (which is known to be the formative roots of Yoga & Yogic culture.) Not only does this practice achieve optimal health & wellbeing through rebalancing your nervous systems, but fills us up with life-force energy ("Prana") through controlled breathwork ("yama"). This energy is what literally gives us life, and through a systemised and controlled practice (known as Pranayama) can help engage the energy body to activate in the highest way. It gives us the energy to be inspired, and continue with our endeavours; what gives us a sense of Youth and our reinvigorated spark; what helps us awaken to our authentic creativity; and what helps us truly thrive and effortlessly achieve everything we desire to. Prana is the feeling we get when we embody our full energetic power, fullness and our potential (from the inside-out.)


    On top of this, this practice also helps you achieve complete and total Embodiment – most especially, for women whom are seeking a deeper and fuller connection to their Feminine energy, and for men whom are seeking relief and the energy to "fill up" to further engage and act foward with a healthier, more balanced Masculine energy.

    This is the #1 Practice

    I believe all people should engage in or truly practicing to create a healthy, more sustainable, affluent and abundant life and world.


    (Also, this is the most sustainable & grounded alternative to other 'breathwork' practices out there–particularly for people with trauma (as other practices usually engage the sympathetic nervous system and can directly & indirectly activate a 'stress' response, potentially unsafely creating more trauma.) This practice is 110% safe, slow, and is able to be taken at your own pace, practice and preference.


    If suffering from trauma, it is advised to use this practice cohesively with psychotherapy, on your own healing journey. If you’re just seeking a fundamental, rebalancing and grounding practice to help you embody & fill up with energy–you will find that this practice will rapidly increase your healing time by 5 x faster.


    Do this as soon as you wake up or as part of your morning ritual, just before bed, or any time during the day which suits you.

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    The Music: 417 Hz Frequency

    Harnessing Solfeggio Frequencies, 417 Hz is known for supporting healing, anxiety and trauma, releasing negative energy, creating emotional balance and stimulating creativity. Discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, these frequencies are used as a way to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing, supporting the body-mind connection and the subconscious mind to further allow its ability to heal.


    (It's also very relaxing and brings you into a deeper state of harmony, bliss and freedom.)

  • This practice will help you:

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    • Calm your nervous system from debilitating anxiety;