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    The 8 Other Sustainable Tools for your Ongoing Healing, Wellbeing + Thriving


    Discover the other 8 ways + modalities to help you heal from significant trauma, so that you're back in alignment with your true self, doing what you want to be doing, and loving life + who you are.

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    The Top 3 Ways to Get Financially Free

    2. Make Money from Your Art



    From my experience, especially with trauma, becoming financially-free has been a struggle, most especially within the realms of entrepreneurship. It wasn't until I healed my relationship with money (which is an ongoing process) that helped me to get truly unstuck and get my dream life rolling and riding. Uncover the ways to sustainably create your dreams and desires, and learn to harness your creativity and intention to create a life that aligns with your truest self, lifestyle and inherent desires.



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    The Top 3 Ways to Get Financially Free

    2. Create Your Soul-Driven Project or Business


    Have a journey you want to express, and make money from your creations? Creating a course or service-based business helping others achieve the same success you have is an incredible way to a) get your passions and purpose in the forefront and b) make money from what you've learnt. Here, I share how I did that and how you can start doing it, too.

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