• Get free

    in every way single possible.


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    Harness the 3 key tools you need to start living completely free, doing what you love, and living + creating the life of your dreams.

  • Equip yourself with the tools for your personal liberation 🌿

    towards fulfilling a life filled with joy, freedom, and inherent wellbeing. Break free from the chains of past traumas, learn how to meet present-day challenges with grace + grit, and embrace the power of these fundamental tools to create the life you've always dreamed of. For you, the one who wants it all: whom is determined to heal, thrive, be, and live life as you desire it, on your own terms.


    Tired of carrying the weight of past fears? Longing to overcome the limitations that trauma has imposed on you? Are you ready to take charge of a future where your dreams and desires become the central compass of your life? Then download this E-Book to Get Free now, and stop wasting anymore time suffering and not living the life you want to live.

    Your path to Healing, Embodiment + Empowerment starts here 🌹

    In "How To Get Free" I guide you on how to heal your pain, trauma + grief through the sustainable and powerful tools and modalities (I feel) every woman or person needs to know to create a thriving and sustainable life, lifestyle and wellbeing...and create financial wellbeing, empowerment and freedom so you can truly focus on fulfilling your dreams with your unique gifts, power and potential.


    Empowering you to release the shackles of disharmonious living, take right action and step into a life of vitality and fulfillment; this eBook is more than just words on a page – it's a fundamental roadmap filled with the tools you don't know about, and the secrets to your personal liberation.

    Create a future filled with Joy & Possibility 🌊

    Imagine waking up each day with clarity in your mind and freedom in your heart – a renewed sense of embodied knowing or purpose, a spirit full of joy, and your mind free from the chains of past stories. "How To Get Free" is an opportunity to take your first steps toward a world of truly limitless potential. Heal the heaviness that has held you back & embrace a possible future where you are the author of your own story.

    How this eBook will serve you:

    ✨ Expert Experience + Guidance: Crafted by my own experiences + personal and professional knowledge on how to liberate yourself from suffering, trauma + challenges, through a trauma-informed approach and understanding of the unique journey of healing and empowerment through a feminine, creative + easeful way.


    ✨ Practical Knowledge on Breakthrough Exercises/Modalities: Learn + understand the modalities, practices and fundamental backgrounds which can empower you to heal your life, apply the transformational tools immediately, and create your dream.


    ✨ Holistic Approach: Ensuring we understand each person's situation through a holistic lens, I always approach every avenue through the physical, mental + emotional/psychological, somatic and spiritual understanding to achieve holistic wellbeing, ensuring a deeply comprehensive + succinct path to and exploration of healing for your fullest fruition.



    📕 What's Inside:

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    1. My Story


    A deep dive into my personal story + journey, about what traumas I've experienced and overcome, what I've learnt + personally triumphed to get to where I am today – edifying the expertise I have on my belt in leading people to their own version of liberation + freedom, and how to fulfil the life of your dreams.

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    2. The Top 3 Healing Modalities

    to Free Yourself from Suffering


    Discover the top 3 tools I believe every woman whom has experienced trauma, fear or challenge & consequential stuckness, stagnancy or unfulfilment, need to know to get unstuck, rehabilitate her wellbeing, and move forward to thrive.

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    3. The Top 3 Ways to Get Financially Free

    + Empowered


    From my experience, especially with trauma, becoming financially-free has been a struggle, most especially within the realms of entrepreneurship. It wasn't until I healed my relationship with money (which is an ongoing process) that helped me to get truly unstuck and get my dream life rolling and riding. Uncover the ways to sustainably create your dreams and desires, and learn to harness your creativity and intention to create a life that aligns with your truest self, lifestyle and inherent desires.



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    Your journey to joy, freedom and wellbeing starts now. Don't let past traumas, memories or experiences define your future any longer. Take the reins of your life & unleash your inner joy. Join countless women who have already embarked on this transformative journey by claiming your free eBook today.


    Your path to healing and empowerment awaits – and this could be your first step to gaining greater clarity, depth & understanding,


    I believe we all deserve a life completely free – brimming with joy, fluidity, wholesomeness and wellbeing. "How To Get Free" can be the thing that provides you with the insight towards a life filled with limitless possibilities, feeling damn good, and uninhibited freedom.


    Claim your free eBook now and take the leap towards the life you've always dreamed of.


    With love, empowerment, and unwavering support,


    Roshni x