• Be Free Now

    Be free now–through healing, the right way.

    Entry-Level Program:

    $280/session for 8 weeks

  • Ready to stop suffering and live your dream life?

    Then this program is for you.

    I know what it's like to feel stuck. Anxious. Uncertain. Frustrated. Unhappy. Even...desperate. Wanting so much to just have the freedom, tools, finances and resources to be, do & have all of the things you've ever dreamt of, or even to just take the next step so you can make it all happen. To move towards the things you want, and have everything you've ever desired.


    (It's possible–but requires a few steps. Especially if you're suffering from trauma, or some sort of hardship that's holding you back.)


    If you're in a sticky place where you feel like things just can't move forward–whether that's having enough time, finances, or fear that's preventing you from making those steps–I know how hard it is to be in your position. You feel stifled. Stuck. Trapped. Ultimately, unfulfilled...even if you tried everything to make a change and make it better. It just.won't.budge. And that's where I, and this 1:1 program–no, opportunity–can truly serve you.

  • If you've tried to do the work, but still feel stuck and really want to move your life & potential forward,

    Then this is for you.

    If financially affording authentically-life-changing and transformational experiences has ever felt daunting, intimidating, or been a struggle for you –


    You may also experience:

    • Fear surrounding taking action, or 'moving forward' in the direction you want to go;
    • Not truly accomplishing your dreams in the way you know you can, or dream yourself to be; and
    • Preventing yourself from working with amazing people, healers or coaches who inspire you, because you're afraid you don't have enough money, and fork out enough in a way that feels right and safe (then perhaps doubt if they can really help you.)

    I personally spent sooo long waiting to work with the 'right' coach, healer, therapist or practitioner. I tried my hardest to do all of the work on my own...for years. And I mean years. So much time passed, that when it came to almost a decade later, I couldn't believe how much I had unintentionally and unwillingly remained in the same place; even though I had broken through some of the things, breaking my ass to do "all of the work..."


    But really–in the real world–I hadn't done jack sh*t at all.


    And I don't want that to happen to you.

    Don't let years pass you by before you finally decide to a) get the right support, and b) land the right person who can actually take you to the place you want to be.


    Your light, potential, joy & freedom is too important–for you, your family, the ones who love you, and the ones you're meant to serve through your being and gifts–to miss out on what's really real: living, a life; and the one of your dreams.


    We all deserve it–unfortunately this industry and space is too saturated with people who "think" they can "heal"...when really, they're just going round in circles too. Doing "breathwork," "healing," and other helpful modalities... These are great, but not for actually healing deeper-rooted trauma, which is stopping you from moving forward, in a way that is healthy, sustainable, and safely nurtures your nervous system so you feel confident and supported for the rest of your life.

  • So this is a special offer–where you get to have one-to-one healing & transformational coaching with me – just for $280 per session, for 6 weeks.

    (What, that cheap?!)

    Yes, that's right.


    And–you don't even need to pay the full amount upfront.

    You can pay as you go.

    Yes, I know–most coaching (if any) wouldn't ever do anything like this, ever. But I'm not (just) a 'coach' – I'm so much more, and have had so much experience in the real-world; I know what it's like, again, to struggle. I pride myself on being human, operating from a deep level of love & service, and serving humanity. And I know how meaningful this affordability and accessibility could be for you, as it would have been to be.


    To reiterate, this offer is:


    a) financially-accessible (for anyone at this price-point; working with someone like me, whom has so much experience & developed-credentials over the last decade, and can guarantee results–who really should charge no less than $480 per session)

    b) safe and accessible energetically and tangibly, as each session is at such a low price that's affordable to you...and its duration is short & long enough so that you can start moving and gaining traction to where it is you want to go, get results, yet have the freedom to just be afterward, and

    c) an entry-point to get what you need, to just get started. It's a way-in-the-door, to start healing and working with me (if that is something you'll want to do longer-term; you'll gain traction so that eventually you'll level-up and be able to work with me in other ways & through other offers, should you desire to.)

    So if you're ready to start healing those things that need & want to be healed (for hopefully, forever) for you to achieve and fulfil the life of your dreams, moving towards the direction you want to go, and achieving the things you want to do, then this is it.


    Book your first session with me below, or feel free to DM me on Instagram (@roshnirebecca) for anymore questions. I look forward to supporting you in the best way I can.


    To your healing, and awakening, and becoming,


    Roshni x




    FYI, the topics we can explore in our time together can overlook:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Fulfilling your goals & dreams
    • Taking forward-action steps in the world, safely
    • Spirituality
    • Embodiment
    • Sensuality + Sexuality (authentic, Sacred + Tantric)
    • Health + Wellbeing
    • Healing + Artistic Careers
    • Finances
    • Relationships
    • Fears and addressing the underlying hardships, blocks or traumas underneath the above topics.


    Through our work together, we will explore and accomplish what you need,

    drawing from a strong foundation of Spirituality, Authentic Embodiment, and Healing fears & trauma.


    Through our work together, we will explore and accomplish what you need, drawing from a strong foundation of Spirituality, Authentic Embodiment, and Healing fears & trauma.