• 1:1 Full Life-Creation

    For you, the Future Embodied Mama-Leader of the World.

  • My dear, you are paving your way.

    And without knowing who you are yet, I’m so proud of you.

    I know what it’s like to walk this road: to want to create the greatest life for yourself, so you can thrive; in your joy, your bliss, your wellbeing–so you can create the greatest experience you could ever think & know for yourself; so you can create a more joyful & beautiful world, with ease & effortlessness; so you can have incredible, nourishing & soulful relationships, & be who you were meant to be; to use your gifts in the ways you so deeply desire; to earn an epic income which truly matches your worth, value & potential; to finally be happy, living the lifestyle of your dreams.


    Because you know, when you are in or become this state, everything & everyone around you thrives. When your joy & potential is fulfilled, you become a beacon–a light–for the world. But…

  • Where you are:

    • You feel stuck & don’t know how to move forward, or are facing great fears you quiver at overcoming to 'get to' where you need to be (which is so okay.)
    • You may want to take a step ‘out there’ and start ‘doing’, but you don’t know how or where to start. Or you have the idea, and just need some deep, soulful, mama support to encourage you to get on your way & start creating your magic.
    • Your current financial situation is limiting you from becoming who you want to be.
    • You may be dealing with insecurities which are stopping you from becoming who you want to be, based on your current circumstances, your familial environment, or big past traumas which has impacted your life greatly.

    I for sure know what it’s like to walk this road.


      A little about me:

      I have:

      • Started my own world-changing organisation, which transformed & impacted the lives of many people through my higher vision, creative capabilities & inspired artistic truth.
      • Acted on screen, danced, sang & performed on stage, and used my gifts in a way which fulfilled my greatest joy, wholesomeness & full potential...but dealt with a lot of anxiety & a panic disorder while trying to be the 'best version of me.'
      • Faced great difficultly in moving forward to become who I really wanted to be, or knew I was, because of the embedded traumas which stopped me from doing so for many, many years.
      • Have needed to face my deepest familial, past & childhood traumas in order to continue becoming who I want to become, fulfil my self-prophesied destiny, and create an inspired & impacted world and life through my art, creativity & gifts.
      • Become a natural healer through this journey, and have helped & inspired many people–from women, to men, to children, to people with disability, to couples–through my integrative work.
    • I know what it’s like to walk this road; and I am here to help you–future embodied mama-leader of the world–to achieve your dreams, become who you were meant to be, and do it all sustainably so that your health & wellbeing is taken care of through the entire process…so you can flourish, be & have fun. (Yes it’s possible.)

    • Who are you?

      You are a woman who wants to feel deeply reconnected to herself, find her joy, her bliss & her freedom, and live a life of embodied ecstasy.


      You dream to become the best version of you, and in my eyes, as the future mama-leader of the world (not just in your embodiment, but in how you raise your future child or children, and in doing so create a new earth) you not only deserve, but need to feel good. To be in your joy & bliss, to love who you are, love what you do, how & who you embody, and how you feed the world’s nourishments through your gifts, talents, skills & capabilities.


      You want to stop feeling so shitty, so scared, afraid of past traumas recurring (such as burnout, anxiety, panic & overwhelm) and move forward with inner trust, belief in yourself, and the life you truly want to create for your future.

    • My dream is to see & feel the world full of deeply inspired, empowered womben; who lead from the depths of their knowing, & their embodied love and inherent centre.


      Who feel good everyday being themselves, & knowing the depths of their bodies, their love, and how they impact the world.


      Because on a crucial vibrational level; you do. Who you are, how embody yourself, directly influences the greater & microscopic world around you. You are a Creator-in every.single.way.


      As a future mama, an embodied creator–as a leader for the new world & new earth–you, my dear, are the future.

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    • Ultimately, you want to be:

      • Leading the most delicious life of your dreams.
      • Being the soulful, connected, embodied ‘mama’ you always dreamed of being.
      • Being in inherent alignment with your truth, your worth, your value, and your inherent knowingness that you truly are an incredible being, meant to be here & now in this time, life & world.
      • Using your gifts so that it nourishes you, and you inspire the world around you with your embodied vision of how you want to lead & be seen, heard & valued.
      • Effortlessly make a streamline income from being just who you are, with all of your juiciness, potential & sustained wellbeing.
      • Living the most epic life of your dreams. (First point turned-up, & reiterated.)
      And mama, you deserve it.
    • The Program

      In a Nutshell:

      Month 1: Heal

      Month 2: Reveal (Baby steps - Visioning)

      Month 3: Act (Bigger steps - the Dream)


      Week One: Your Hurdles

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      Week Two: Healing

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      Week Three: Healing

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      Week Four: Healing

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      Week Five: Your Vision

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      Week Six: Small Step

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      Week Seven: Another Step

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      Week Eight: Another Step

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      Week Nine: Your Big Dream

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      Week Ten: Action

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      Week Eleven: Action

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      Week Twelve: Action + Closure

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    • So, care to join me in the most superfluous, delicious, embodied & wild ride of your life?

      (It isn't as scary as it sounds, lol.)


      Let’s go mama-this Earth is ours, and we are here to ‘rescue’ it–through becoming the embodied leaders of our future earth.


      So much love,


      Roshni x


      The price of 3-months (12-weeks) 1:1 Transformational Embodied Leadership Program with Roshni is $7,997 AUD.


      What you get:

      • 1 live one-to-one session per week for 12-weeks via Zoom
      • Unlimited email support
      • Access to all resources created by Roshni
      • Invaluable knowledge to implement into your daily & greater life creation, with 8 years of experience
      • Development in your personal life, creativity, wellbeing, expression, lifestyle & artist-driven projects
      • Life-changing healing (from a certified Women's Transformologist)