• 1:1 Full Fruition

    Mentorship Program


    ~ For you, the Woman who wants it all. ~

  • My dear, you are paving your way.

    And without knowing you yet, I’m so proud of you.

    I know what it’s like to walk this road: to want to create the greatest & most authentic life for yourself, so you can thrive; in your joy, your bliss, your wellbeing, in your finances–so you can create the most aligned experience you could ever think & know for yourself, using your gifts in the greatest of ways; so you can create a more joyful & beautiful world, just by being you, in pure, soulful connection; so you can have incredible, nourishing, soulful & happy relationships; and be who you were meant to be in this world, and use your gifts in the ways you so deeply desire. To play your way, and do what you want; exactly how you want to do it. Pursue your passions, purpose, and do what you love. To earn an authentically-aligned, soulful & nourishing income which truly matches your worth, your value & potential; to utilise all of your creative gifts + talents to serve & give the world; to finally be happy, living & creating the lifestyle of your dreams.


    Because you know, when you are in or become this state, you will have everything you want.


    When your joy & potential is fulfilled, you become a beacon–a light.



  • Where you are:

    • You feel stuck & don’t know how to move forward;
    • Are facing great fears and perhaps deeper traumas you quiver at seeing and overcoming, to 'get to' where you need or want to be (which is so okay.)
    • You want to start living & creating your dream life, but you don't know where to begin, or you know what you want, and you need some deep, soulful, aligned, nourishing mama support with a bucket-load of experience, insight, knowledge & wisdom to get on your way to start expressing your magic;
    • Your current financial situation is limiting you from doing what you want to do, or being/becoming who you want to be;
    • You are so full of talent & potential, but you don't feel like you are able to make it on your own, or are facing some sort of difficulty with making it all happen by yourself, for yourself.

    ~ I for sure know what it’s like to walk this road. ~


    A little about me: 

    I have:

    • Overcome my deepest, darkest traumas to finally be free and live this life as it is intended to be lived–with love, joy, passion, and energetic sustainability (after working deeply with a series of practitioners, therapists and supporters whom are qualified in such fields, over the last decade and beyond);
    • Gained the tools and wisdom to know how to take action on all-things entrepreneurial and creative, and actively actually bring my dreams to life;
    • Aside from my recent triumphs of such to be able to move forward and offer support just like this program (a huge part of my dream in being self-sustainable, profitably-focused and a world-changer) I am a certified Transformologist®/coach and have been doing healing and transformational work for near-to the last decade, since 2014;
    • Founded my own organisation, intitally for with children with disability–the first of its kind in Australia for its innovative efforts and groundbreaking Arts accomplishments–at age 24;
    • Prior to that, I acted & starred in international TV series', did music channel hosting and modelling, performed as lead roles in big stage musicals, produced Australia premier Michael Jackson tribute show, and danced, sang, performed & choreographed professionally for near 20-years... (whilst experiencing deep fear, anxiety, trauma, PTSD & depression unknowingly...and somehow managed to survive!);

    And all through this, became a natural healer, and have helped, uplifted & inspired many people–from women, to men, to couples and children–through my 1:1s, workshops and integrative experiences. 

  • I know what it’s like to be where you are; of knowing who you truly are & what you are capable of deep within; but feeling so startled & set aback by all of your 'downfalls' or 'shortcomings.'


    I am here to help you–future successful mama–to overcome your fears so you can embody and actualise your full potential, awaken your capacity & capability to fully thrive & feel alive, create your dream life & eventually achieve your dreams–and become who you were meant to be. And do it in a way where your health and wellbeing is prioritised so you can flourish, be yourself and be free.

    (Yes, it’s possible!)

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  • The Program

    Note: Each & every person is different, therefore each program is catered specifically to your personal needs, want & desires, and caters to exactly where you're at, and what you need. (No pressure to 'be' where you think you need to be! You're already worthy to start making your steps now.)

    In a Nutshell:

    Month 1: Heal

    Month 2: Reveal (Visioning + Baby Steps)

    Month 3: Act (Bigger Steps + Achieving the Dream)

    Optional - Month 4: It's Really Happening (Making it Actually Happen!)


    Week One: Your Desires + Hurdles

    Connecting deeply on where you're at, we can start by looking at what needs to be dealt with. There is a brief introduction into your past and history, where notes are made and a clear understanding of what modalities would suit you is gained, and what personalised healing-process you would need for your wellness and wellbeing to unfold fruitfully.


    Week Two: Healing

    We are able to delve deeper into your fears + perhaps traumas, and begin using specific modalities to help fully and deeply heal these wounds forever, so you are able to move and step ahead.


    Week Three: Healing + Check-in

    The same process lies above–this personalised process is not linear so we see what comes up. Also, supporting you in ways of action so you are able to move forward more rapidly, and with gusto.


    Week Four: Healing

    Addressing your wounds, we continue the healing process–hopefully starting to see the light of day. If not, we continue to ensure you are making and paving your way to your greater success, so you can truly thrive.


    Week Five: Your Vision

    Depending on if we've accumulated enough clarity and traction from healing your fears + traumas, we are now able to conceive a clearer picture of your dream and vision for your life and creativity, and start actualising it through conscious, active (baby) steps.


    Week Six: Baby Steps

    Picking up where we left off, and hopefully gaining traction from the previous week, we are able to continue moving forward in a healthy, solid and embodied way where healing more linearly and creating your dream life is starting to work- and tie-in hand-in-hand.


    Week Seven: Clarity + Continuing the Walk

    Checking in to see where you're at and how you feel, perhaps there are more things rising in the realms of fear that are needing to be met. That's okay–this is what I'm here for, and why we're here. We check-in to see of your vision and dream is in fuller alignment with your desires and soul, and continue making the baby steps to bring your dream to life.


    Week Eight: More Baby Steps + Activating the Bigger Dream

    By this point, we should have gained so much traction that you are feeling relieved, actively excited and willing to step-in and jump further to make your dreams, vision, and full-fruition come alive. You are ready to make things happen for yourself with more conviction and self-love and -belief! It's a beautiful time to be alive :) and I am excited for you!


    Week Nine: Your Big Dream

    Here, we check-in to see if you have full clarity about your big dream, and whether you are feeling like you are truly capable of accomplishing it. We look at what needs to be done to actualise that dream, and jot the (bigger) baby-steps to take action on in the next week. Should any fears arise, we deal with those as we have in the past few months–learning how to turn frozen fears into thriving success!


    Week Ten: More Action

    Are you feeling the momentum yet? Haha, jokes! Of course you are! With more strength and durability, you feel more alive to achieve those dreams and make sh*t happen! You're probably looking at all the ways you can accomplish whatever dream comes to mind (but we stay focused on the one you want!) Your inner-strength and conviction comes alive, and you're ready to tackle whatever comes ahead of you.


    Week Eleven: More Action... More Please!

    This is it! Your time to shine is soon-arriving! Whatever we need to face–fears, traumas, challenges, you name it–we're here for it! Overcoming hurdles and taking action-moves forward, this is it baby! You are creating yourself + your dream as you see fit! Who knew you'd ever be this conquering before! (That's a lie–I did!)


    Week Twelve: Final Actions, Future Decisions + Closure

    You did it. We did it–together! You overcame your fears, jumped over those hurdles, know how to tackle or attack any future challenge which comes your way (and if you get really stuck–I'm always here for you.) We get clear on what we've achieved, what action steps may lie ahead, and have a deep-and-special, meaningful closure process which you and I can close on together. I am so proud of you, and honoured to call you my client.


    *Note: As mentioned above, this process may not look the same for everyone (nor, should it.) It will be personalised to your needs specifically. An extra month may be added to your package (should you desire it, after you've completed your program.)

  • Where you will be afterwards:

    • Feeling so unstoppable, full of wealth of confidence, conviction and knowing you can accomplish your dreams and goals, and whatever lies ahead of you.
    • Actively taking-part in creating your dream, with so much clarity and far more certainty than you did when you began...or perhaps in the last x amount of years in your life! It's the first time in a long time where you feel like you can actually achieve your dream, even if it looked so big beforehand.
    • Feeling free, more in flow, more in your authentic self and essence, and unafraid to be who you truly are–which is who you are meant to be! Perfect you.
    • All of that energy which you felt had died so long ago is coming back, and you're remembering yourself as who you knew you were, before any of that sh*t happened. You are alive! And your energy is flowing. You're becoming you again!
    • You're able to conquest upon your dream, move forward with inner-stability and self-knowing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Your heart is full, and you are ready to 'start' your new, true life as you desire to be & become. Welcome to the world, baby!
    • You look back, and actually can't believe that was you only 3-4 months ago! In so many ways, you have accomplished so much, yet in this moment you are renewed as a whole-new being, with so much more life and luxury of fulfilment waiting before you. This is your time to shine!


    Are you ready to become who you were meant to be, mama, and come into your Full Fruition?


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  • More Information:

    The price of a 3-month (12-weeks) 1:1 Transformational Program with Roshni is $6,997 AUD.

    + 1-month (additional/optional) for $1,997 AUD extra.

    – Payment plans are available to suit your needs. Please bring this up in your consultation. –


    What you get:

    1 live one-to-one session per week for 12-weeks via Zoom (which is recorded for your ability to replay.)

    Roundabout support via email and/or WhatsApp.

    Access to all online resources created by Roshni.

    Lifetime knowledge, wisdom & experience to implement into your daily life, career, relationships, money, wellbeing & business.

    Development in your personal life & lifestyle, thriving creativity, wellbeing, full expression & artist-driven projects.

    Life- & world-changing healing (also as a certified Women's Transformologist®) & guidance from an intuitive master, spiritually-embodied practitioner, multi-modality & Tantric expert, & entrepreneurial facilitator.

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