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    Kind things people have said:

    "Roshni, I just want to say thank you for kick-starting and sharing in my Samba journey. Spending time with you working on my basic steps gave me the confidence to dance and come out during the last Brasilipinas [Samba dance event] party. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    – Michelle Lapuz | Samba No Pe Private Teaching Student

    "On behalf of the beautiful bride, bridesmaids and myself, thank you so much for your class! We had the absolute best time! Your balance of professionalism, quirkiness, fun and realism was just perfect. Would highly recommend you!"

    – Nicole Bovey | Burlesque Hens Party Participant

    "Roshni has the ability to create a wonderful environment free from any judgement & it felt deeply liberating to be able to connect with my own version of feminine sensuality and power.”

    – Maileen Hawthorne | Feminine Embodiment Workshop Participant

  • Hey there

    I'm Roshni.


    A Dancer, Performing Artist, Teacher & all-around Creative Human.

  • I help people find their joy and passion for life through transformative, vitality-infused & authentically inspiring dance experiences.

    Private Teaching

    Classes & Choreography

    • Privates (One-to-One)
    • Couples
    • Groups
    • Schools & Organisations

    Special Events

    Performance & Entertainment

    • Festivals & Retreats
    • Weddings & Hens Parties
    • Production & Shows
    • Corporate


    Men, Women & Creatives

    • Mindfulness & Embodiment
    • Professional Dancers
    • Women's
    • Partner & Relationships

    Creative Consultancy

    Arts & Wellness Programs

    • Schools & Organisations
    • Not-for-Profit Organisations
    • Creative Events

    If you seek to develop a workshop or program which empowers your students, members or participants in a fun, innovative and deeply powerful way, please enquire now.

  • What Grooving can we do?

    You'll love my classes if you want to:

    • build your self-confidence, embody your authenticity & reconnect to personal trust;
    • deepen your connection, intimacy & comfort within yourself and your relationships;
    • learn life-changing self-awareness & inner calm techniques (such as embodiment, mindfulness & meditation);
    • improve your body connection, movement & coordination;
    • improve your dance skills & technique;
    • improve your general livelihood, holistic health & fitness;
    • become a better dancer (and human); and
    • have fun, feel free, aligned, juicy, sensual, strong, deeply contented and at peace within yourself.


    From Old Skool to Popping, to New Jack Swing to Heels, the many flavours of Hip-Hop suit all people of all experience, no matter age, preference, ability or orientation.


    Best for: All Levels, Elementary & High School, Personal Empowerment, Corporate, Weddings, Flashmobs, Events & Entertainment

    Samba No Pé

    Translated as "Samba of the Feet," this dance of the Queens & Kings of Brazil is typically seen in Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, accompanied with drums, feathers & extravagant costumes.


    Best for: High School, Fitness, Feminine Embodiment & Women's Empowerment, Hens Parties, Festivals & Retreats, Events & Entertainment


    The life and colours of India are what is experienced through the exuberant expression of Bollywood dance. Fun, charismatic and great for your heart-rate, expect nothing but pure joy and happiness from this style!


    Best for: All Levels, Elementary & High School, Fitness, Hens Parties, Festivals & Retreats, Events & Entertainment

    Latin & Ballroom

    From Salsa to Bachata, to Waltz and Jive, these couple-based dance styles are known to enhance personal connection, relationships, trust, body movement and coordination.


    Best for: Couples, Couples Therapy, Relationships, Masculine & Feminine Embodiment, Elementary & High School, Festivals & Retreats, Events & Entertainment

    Roshni Rebecca | Women's Vitality & Success Coach | REVEAL Health & Success Workshops – Educational Presentations


    For a fun, sensual way to up-level your feminine self-expression and sexuality, Burlesque is the way to go. Dress up, get cheeky, and let loose for this ultra empowering female embodied experience.


    Best for: Femininity, Sensuality, Sexuality & Women's Embodiment & Empowerment, Hens Parties, Festivals & Retreats, Special Events

    Roshni Rebecca | Women's Vitality & Success Coach | REVEAL Health & Success Workshops – Educational Presentations

    Healing Arts

    Dance is naturally therapeutic, and combine special wellbeing techniques and movement medicine to provide a holistic experience for the body, mind & soul–such as meditation, mindfulness & embodiment–the experience becomes truly transformational.


    Best for: All Levels, Feminine & Masculine Embodiment, Mental & Emotional Health, Disability, Aged Care, Personal Empowerment

    I travel the world to perform, teach & deliver my workshops, mainly in Australia & Asia.

    If this tickles your fancy, please:

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    • Bollywood
    • Hip-Hop
    • Men & Women's Relationship Connection
    • Women's Sensuality & Empowerment

    Past Workshops

    Across Australasia:

    Samba No Pe: Brazilian Dance for Feminine Empowerment (Women)

    • Brisbane, Australia 2016
    • Manila, Philippines 2016
    • Melbourne, Australia 2017

    Hip-Hop: Your Authentic Essence (All)

    • Brisbane, Australia 2016

    Revive Your Ultimate Feminine Power: Movement, Embodiment & Empowerment (Women)

    • Brisbane, Australia 2016
    • Melbourne, Australia 2016
  • I also created The Butterfly Effect Project–Creative Arts for Children of All Abilities–using dance as a mechanism and vehicle for joy, wellness, social inclusivity and multifaceted transformation.

  • I'm also devoted to helping artists and creatives transform so they can do their thing in the world.

    I've had quite a miraculous journey (which you can read about here) from which I've learned many things and desire to share.


    So, I've devoted love, time and energy into compiling a blog of information which provides guidance, insight and wisdom for incredibly talented, highly-skilful, intuitive and creative humans with intelligent minds who want to do amazing things in the world to be able to move through life with ease, grace and flow...


    I hope these resources nourish you just as they do me.


    And please remember: you're not alone in this journey.


    With Love always & To your Power,


    Roshni xo

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    Thanks and look forward to jamming!

    For other performance enquiries, please go to:
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