• Your Ultimate Freedom

    The Online Course to

    Liberate your Mind, Soul + Spirit

    so you can be truly Free.

  • If you're ready to get free in every single way; heal your suffering; open your mind, heart and pure potential to love, change, transformation, feminine-centered growth & holistic wellbeing; taking the first step toward becoming the liberated, joyful & thriving woman you want to become –

    You've come to the right place.

  • Opening up the mind, body + soul through connection, circle and movement-based practices in the most luscious prospects of nature, we create an awakening experience; stimulating a higher state of Consciousness, and then deepen to embody. Opening up the gateways of authentic pleasure, joy + ultimate liberation to awaken our fullest potential, we (re)awaken the aliveness of our hearts, bodies, minds & spirits, which have been waiting for us + craving to be experienced.


    These immersive events awaken the inspiration, connection + authentic expression for women, a natural experience which has been lost over time; having women like you searching for these feelings, tools and experiences for eons. Here to give you the freedom, consciousness + expansion required to live your highest potential, you'll awaken (to) new parts of you, embody the woman you want to become, and discover the insights you've been searching for. Through this, you'll find the invigorating + life-giving joy and spirit you've unknowingly been waiting for; for a long, long time.


    Embodying this newfound expression–forming new, concrete + authentic ways of being–we influence our life, our creations, our inspirations and our visions; how we lead, how we raise our children, and how we create a new world; revolutionizing the longevity of our health, wellbeing + embodiment as women, and keeping that central to how everything thrives.


    This, is where you come alive.


    This is the most fun, life-generating, authentically-activating + safe space to become your next-evoleved or truest self through Connection with Self, Nature and Sisterhood.

  • When we are stuck in our pain,

    Repeating patterns, stuck in a cycle or loop of boring activity, or unconscious pain that keeps arising–through anxiety or depression, feeling unfulfilled and uninspired, or not knowing what direction to take when we've hit a dead-end–we question if there's anything 'more' out there for us.


    We start to buy books which peak our interest (like "The Power of Now" by Ekhart Tolle), perhaps we start looking into "spirituality" or 'what the meaning of life is all about,' and start to notice intereting syncronicities arising about our secret quest for 'more.' Or maybe, just some relief from our hardship and challenging experience...


    A fork in the road, something huge to let go of, a desire for healing – whatever the case, we're looking for a miracle.


    Well... this could be that 'miracle' or answer for more that you're looking for.

    Welome to – Your Ultimate Liberation

    Encompassing the first and foremost most powerful modalities I learnt, discovered + created over the duration of my awakening period in 2014, this course is something I've been wanting to give to you for almost a decade.


    Here to help you heal, open your mind, and truly change your life for the better – your life will no doubt be completely transformed if you take this course, and open your heart to the wild ride of beauty and openness that you are so willing, desiring and craving to experience.


    The first modality (handed down from my first + primary mentor, Gayle O'Brien, whom is renowned globally for her life-changing work which she performed with her late husband) is what catalysed the complete change & transformation of my life to date. It is absolutely and positively nothing less than completely sacred to me; so I don't take sharing this information lightly.


    From this experience, my mind was opened to the possibility of absolute & fundamental healing–from the core-root of our hardships, into what could be; that being, the most divine and fluid of life's experiences which we could ever experiece–as a person, a soul, and a woman.


    Be prepared to change your life in ways that you have never experienced before (especially if you're just starting out in your spiritual journey, or if you're 5, 10 or 15 years into your journey and need a new expansion or a tune-up.) These tools are guaranteed to be something you've never encountered before, as they have been developed by my mentor (and no one else knows them but those she has directly worked with and passed down-to.) The others are my development and creation; and with my expertise and awareness in and of psychology over the last decade and beyond, can and will take you to the root-cause of your pain–which has manifested as the illness/es you are possibly experiencing today–in the most caring, loving, and heartfelt way ever possible.


    Trauma-informed and guaranteed to help you create a shift no matter where you are in your life–whether you've just started on your transformational journey, or you're looking for something to really expand you into your beauty, joy, delight + greatness–this series of modalities in this course will transform your world beyond what you could have possibly fathomed.



    Using modalities undisclosed to others, anywhere else in the world...

    Will help you heal, reveal, and FEEL


    everything you've been needing to release – in order to move forward.


    We, as women, hold so much in our bodies - through our conceptopn, our mum's life, our childhood and hardhsips, our heartbreaking relationships with our bestie when we were 5 or 11, that person that did harm to us, and all builds up in our bodies.


    Through this course - you will learn to harness AND use these timeless modalities that will literally save you and liebrate you, for life.


    Without these tools, we stay stuck, unhappy, depressed, stuck in anguish and pain, recurring anxiety, and never feel truly fulfilled, connection or have closure.


    The modalities here are the FIRST step to your holistic liberation - to AND for your greatest, higher good...


    And becoming the nurturing woman you wish your mum was, so you can save the world and pass down healthy relatiosnhips and realting and connecting, and vibes through your nervous system to your children, and future children and lineages.

    THIS is the ultimate way to get free - spiritually, mentally, emotionally – and start to unfurl and unravel that beautiful feminine essence that lives within.


    THIS is the way to open up and connect to your inherent Feminine energy. Through healing the pain and torment, and blockages within–to open you heart (and mind) to the nature and beauty of life and all things.


    These are the gifts that were given to me, and discovered by me, so as to impart my wisdom and embodiemtn for you, and create a greater, more beautiful, and affulent/abundant world.


    One full of true Love. Authentic Love. Spiritual Love.

    And most importantly - self-love.


    May you come TRULY alive through this process, and give yourself the gift of coming into your inherent Feminine spirit and energy, so that your blessings are imparted to your family and future children – so that WE can co-create a better world through these tools, for our husbands/partners, lovers, children, mothers, and people we love.


    The beginning of creating a New Earth is by and THROUGH you becoming it, first! And that journey - starts here. X

  • Course Breakdown

    What we'll cover:


    Rebirth Yourself

    Redefine Your Life | Mother's Mantra

    Week One


    Heal Your Past

    Chilhood Regression Technique

    Week Two


    Heal Your Relationships

    Transform Your Past Connections

    Week Three


    Release Your Pain

    Self-Bodywork + Massage Techniques

    Week Five


    Move into Freeedom

    Liberating Dance, Movement + Flow

    Week Four


    PLUS: Nervana Breathwork Practice

    Nourish, Rebalance + Heal Your Nervous System, and

    Embody Your Potential

    FREE Bonus Acccess

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