• Become Who You Were Meant to Be.

    1:1 Transformational Healing + Coaching

  • If you've found yourself here–welcome.


    I know what it's like to feel lost, unsure and uncertain. Especially when you're packing *so much* potential inside of you. It can create anxiety, unending pit-stops and inconsistencies on your path, which feels frustrating or can make you feel defeated. You question if you will ever 'get there.' You face decisions which feel unnerving or overwhelming...you don't know where to go, where to start or what to do next–or if you'll make the 'right' choice.


    You just want to make your dream come true and will do anything to get there.


    I have no doubt that you can (and will) turn your desires into reality to create the life, love and dream you've always wanted.

    It is my deep honour to guide you there, in a safe, nurturing and wholesome way and space; for you to discover your truth, gain your clarity, and eventually discover the certainty within yourself to make whatever you desire come to life.


    Where you become so calm, at peace, at home in your body, so self-connected, and clear & confident of your next steps. Embodied, trusting, and unshakeable. To know who you are. To know what needs to be done next. To become who you were meant to be, and heal what needs to be healed.


    Using the mammoth amounts of experience I have gained, and the transformational & therapeutic modalities I have honed, been shaped by and developed over the last decade (whilst going through my own developmental and trauma-healing process, as an artist, creative, human and awakened woman) becoming a certified coach, healer and leader–whilst utilising my master-intuitive gifts–has been one of my greatest attributes in helping people with their own self-development, healing & self-discovery. Hosting many workshops, healing spaces and clients over the years, it is thus my honour to help you Become, live and create your dream, impact and inspire the world with your potential, and shine.

  • A little bit about me:

    From being the top performer in my field at a very young age, to then facing deep hardships and life-altering traumas which changed my life, wellbeing and my ability to achieve my dreams and thrive in the future, I know what it's like to have everything taken away from you...and then having to put all of the pieces back together again, over a long period of time. After a decade of beginning 'the work,' I'm so much stronger, whole, wiser, and free after pursuing all avenues of making myself 'better' again...and investing myself to be the best I can be. I am constantly refining and ultimately embodying my authentic, unique, wholesome and successful self more and more each day, while I intentionally lay down the foundations to make my dreams and lifestyle come true.


    Professionally, I am grateful to use the gifts, skills and techniques that I've both honed & been born with, which has refined over time through challenge, growth and healing...and eventually–through a formative process–claiming triumph.


    My journey has been a tumultuous, exciting, surprising, and thrilling one. From the deepest lows to the highest highs, I know the road of fulfilling your dreams from absolute brokenness, facing your traumas and fears, doing the 'scary' work, and breaking through the other side to awaken and embody your truth, wholesomeness and power.

    And now...

    As a spiritually-enriched and (very)-experienced woman, with great insight, whom has a massive passion for women, wellbeing and the world; healing, evolution, revolution & becoming–and is a certified coach and Women's Transformologist®–I've experienced exquisite joy through helping people transform their lives throughout the last decade; through one-to-one sessions, workshops, dance and other healing-based modalities. While I continue to pursue my artistic gifts and passions in the arts (because my soul still wants to achieve that!) I feel genuinely divinely-guided and absolutely thrilled to support you in your journey of rediscovering your wholeness, peace and self-certainty; moving forward; and your journey of Becoming. No work is more sacred to me than helping you alleviate your fears and traumas, and come through the other side practically reborn.


    Specialising in:

    • Women's Embodiment
    • Healing + Transformation
    • Integrative Wellbeing
    • Spirituality
    • Sensuality + (Sacred) Sexuality
    • Creative Entrepreneurship
    • Authentic Expression, and
    • Holistic Thriving, while continuing to expand & be authentically you

    I am so excited to help you fulfil your destiny as an awakened, embodied, and world-changing woman.


    Read more about me here.

  • Intuitive. Authentic. Powerful.

    Set in a comfortable and safe environment, I felt calm and open to the power at work. I loved Roshni’s flexible approach that intuitively worked with what my mind, body and spirt needed, tapping into her own ancient wisdom, along with expert knowledge gathered from her mentors. Combing logic and science with a strong spiritual grounding, together, we moved past trauma & current stress and pain. It resonated through my body to release and let go emotionally and physically. At the end of our session, I felt so much lighter, almost like seeing with fresh eyes again. Empowering and enlightening indeed. Roshni’s authentic sense of care is a testament to her kind, caring and nurturing manner.


    – Marie, AUS

    Empowering. Genuine. Trustworthy.

    Roshni is a spiritual sister to me. She has a way of spotting a blockage and gently empowers you with the tools to remove it. She is one of the most genuine and present people I’ve ever encountered and I trust her with my deepest pains and insecurities. I’ve been fortunate enough to unravel my traumas with her and I always have a breakthrough, always. She is an energy aligner and its an absolute honour to have her in my life.


    – Lavina, USA

  • If you are ready to become who you were meant to be,


    shine as your authentic self and make your dreams come true–this is it. It is my pleasure and honour to be of service, and hold you in the most nurturing yet proactive way, to usher the greatest sense of You in the world.


    May your full fruition be unlocked to become the most authentic version of you, and may you experience the full-thriving joy of your inner wellbeing, wholesome fulfilment, and holistic liberation.


    To your Becoming,

    Roshni. xo

  • 1:1 Full Fruition: Mentorship Program

    – for Creative, Visionary Women –


    Create your vision & dream, breakthrough the hard stuff, and become who you were meant to be–now.


    Want to be supported sustainably, to become the best you can be? ...at your own pace, in a safe, guided & nurturing way? Want to actually succeed...faster? Tired of doing all of the work on your own? Want to cut through the wading eternity of bullshit, and actually live your dream life?


    Be held in an aligned, experienced, compassionate & truly understanding way while breaking through the noise, and actually get shit done. Become the full, embodied Nature-Queen that you are. It's time to slay, the embodied way; become free, and finally be guided with the right support.


    Say hello to holistic fruition, embodied wellbeing + unshakeable, embodied confidence all on your terms, for yourself, in a timeframe that suits you.

    Individually-curated & a uniquely-designed-for-you program–specifically for women who want to slay their way, today. No more stressing - it's time to bring your dream into actual life. Become who you were meant to be, and fulfil the life of your dreams, now.


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