• Heal, and Embody Your Worth, Power & Potential

    So You Can Live + Create Your Affluent, Abundant Dream.

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  • If you've found yourself here–welcome.


    I know what it's like to be stuck. So stuck. You want the life of your dreams, but you're just not there yet. You've tried to make your way...and you may get to the next place, but it might not be sustainable. Or you trudge there...and now you're tired. Working intentionally...but still feeling like there's more. More life, more flow, more freedom...more joy, more truth; more dreams. And you haven't yet accomplished what you truly desire: the fulfilment of your potential, your creations, your dream life: thriving in your essence, in full nourishment, and enjoying the beauty.


    Maybe, you've wanted to take a few steps towards it...or have already tried. Perhaps you felt overwhelmed: not having the exact certainty on how you want to do all the things you want to do; stopping you from fulfilling your purpose, to finally actualise your dream. The fear arises...and you want to 'go'...but something just doesn't feel safe. So you don't. Or it's further away than you think.


    The unending pit-stops. The frustration. The turmoil. The anguish, the pain! Maybe, you feel trapped in your personal situation. Sometimes, even defeated.


    You question if you'll ever 'get there.' You face moments where you don't know what decision to make, or if it's the right 'thing' or 'time' to do it.


    You have a beautiful, amazing vision of your life... a wondrous, glowing dream... but just don't know how it will actually come into fruition.


    You've have *so much* potential inside of you. You're gifted. Kind. Have a beautiful, big heart. You're a deep soul... You just want to thrive, and vibe, and feel alive! Fulfil your potential, so you can live.it.up.


    Expressing your creativity in absolute flow; getting the rewards you want, and need. (And deserve.) The money, the thriving, the joy; the wellbeing. Your fundamental happiness.


    You just want to be free! Creating & coming into your FULLEST expression!


    Making that incredible impact only YOU know you can make. Doing what you love, and thriving. Living the life, dream, and creations of your heart, mind + soul, with everything you've ever wanted.


    Being YOU in every.single.way, more than ever before.

    Slaying, conducive to your dream – with life, love, and vitality...

    On your terms, with your gifts, joys and visions – which bring you to life.

    All in all, living + thriving as One.


    Mmm, yes mama.

    I feel you.



    I believe that you can (and will) turn your dreams into reality, to create the life you've always dreamed of:


    With the right tools, steps, and the right guidance, leadership and experienced support.

  • Work with me via 3 vessels:

  • It is my honour to guide & lead you there,

    In a safe, supported & nurturing way; for you to become who you were meant to be, thrive as you were meant to thrive, and truly come alive in your gifts, embodiment & potential.


    To enlighten to your truth, awaken to your clarity, heal, and flourish. To fulfil the wholesome dream you've always desired, and so diligently worked hard for, to the best of your abilities. And to gain the tools, personal strength, belief and wholesome power to make whatever you dream + desire come to life;


    Where you feel so free, in your power & an expression of joy; where you're thriving in your greatest gifts and highest + deepest inspirations and aspirations; where you so fully feel alive; where you feel so truly you, where you feel so fully seen, connected to all of your being's wholesomeness and capacity. Where you know yourself, trust yourself, are yourself, and embark on your greatest & most fulfilling journey! Embodying your self-worth, self-knowing and self-embodiment. Where you harness self-love, and radiate it outward, practicing understanding and hence, compassion.


    Transformed into who you are, becoming who you were meant to be, and eventually–finding peace with that immersion of your Self. True empowerment & liberation in All of its internal (and eventually, external) forms.


    It's time to Become who you are, heal what can be healed, and embody your Truth to Life; so that you can come into your full fruition, feel safe in your capacity, and be your home in every.single.way.

  • A little bit about me:

    From being the top performer in my field at a very young age, to then facing deep hardships and life-altering traumas which changed my life forever, I know what it's like to have everything taken from you...and then having to put all of the pieces back together again. After a decade of beginning 'the work,' I have a deep certainty in my craft, knowledge + expertise, after pursuing all avenues (and I mean all) of healing myself. Personally, I am constantly transforming to embody my authentic, truest and wholest self each day, while intentionally laying down the foundations to make my dreams, full potential and lifestyle come true.


    Professionally, I use the healing + transformational gifts I've developed (as well as being a clairesentient and high-level intuitive) through my thorough experience, furthuring my capacity to support and guide others to truly heal + Become.


    Ultimately...I really feel like I've experienced the highest of highs to the lowest of lows (or, beyond low!) I know the road of fulfilling your dreams from absolute brokenness; facing your traumas and fears; doing the 'scary' work; and breaking through the other side to embody your fullest potential, thriving joy & authentic, liberated power. Working with me is no joke (I know my shit!) because my life hasn't been one, but as each day moves with grace, I learn to dance with + ride the waves – and now am completely resilient. I laugh along the way because I've faced it all...and know that life can fundamentally be a play because the worst has happened – all that's left is experience, growth + discovery.

    And now...

    As a highly spiritually-embodied and (seriously) experienced woman, whom has a massive passion for life, living + people, their Becoming and the prevalence of the world (as well as being a "certified coach;" though this is just a piece of paper to me and I prefer to rely on my inbred experience, expertise and operations from the heart, mind, intuition & soul)–I've experienced exquisite transformation in others, and personal satiation through supporting people heal in the last decade. Through my organisation, one-to-one experiences, curated workshops and other healing interventions and modalities, your wellbeing, happiness, evolution & becoming means nothing more to me than everything I've ever desired, for other people to truly embody and hold within.


    No work is more sacred to me than helping you move through & alleviate your hardships, fears and traumas, and come through the other side practically reborn.


    I feel genuinely, wholesomely and divinely-guided, and in absolute deep honour, to support you in your journey of becoming. Specialising in:

    • Healing + Transformation
    • Holistic Health + Wellbeing
    • Awakened & Embodied Spirituality
    • Self-Nurture, -Care & Self-Connection
    • Sensuality + (Sacred) Sexuality
    • Women's Work/Feminine & Masculine Embodiment
    • Creativity & Development, and
    • Authentic Self-Expression

    I am so excited to help you heal to become who you were meant to be.


    Read more about me here.

  • Our Process

    How our Healing Journey may flow:


    Our Connection, & Your Expression

    Here you express your story, and we find the truths, understandings & traumas which may have created or is creating your current experience. Through our forming connection, we begin to unravel the truths and realisations. As much as we can look at the muck, here we can aso identify your desires and dreams, your fears and challenges, beginning to define the layers which make you you. Here, we can begin to peel back such layers, and start to gain clarity around your embedded situation, and the journey required to get to where you want to be.


    This is to fundamentally understand, find certainty in + achieve what it is you're desiring to experience, create + live. This is just the first step of your inherently beautiful journey.


    The Healing, The Unravelling

    Through identifying the hurdles + rough patches of your experience + psyche, as well as using my intuitive guidance, knowledge + craft, we can then start to address or target each hurdle, shift + treat it using a variety of integrative modalities (which I've learnt, studied + honed over the years–my specialty–and really, use whatever it is you need for your own personal healing + growth) which is powerful beyond words + timelines...which is what will transform your life, tenfold.


    This is the most important part of the process. We may focus on this part for the majority of our time together – simply because it is so powerful, and the most transformational. I want you to walk away holistically + embodied-ly changed, so that you have sustainable worth developed through our work together. Once this is unravelled, usually everything else starts to manifest.


    The Embodying, The Clarifying

    After the clearing and healing of the muck and blockages, our Consciousness tends to have an "Awakening," and here you will experience newfound revelations, ecstatic joy & bliss. Your Spirit will feel and be free, and you will feel 'enlightened' or awakened in new and profound ways. After this, we take a deep inhale, and then move into the body to ground or integrate our newfound learnings so that your energy integrates and solidifies, causing the mind-body connection to become one.


    Here, you will embody new ways + being (or archetypes) of expression, feeling empowered and/or at peace; whatever which way your natural embodiment + expression will come to play. Revelations will start to come into a deeper grounding, and you will feel more certain, truthful + aligned with your purpose, Truth + embodiment, as One.


    {Relative} Aligned Action, & Actualising Your Dream

    Depending on which route you wish to take (for example, this step is more prominent in the Mentorship experience as opposed to a single session) once everything feels embodied, grounded, at peace and fully aligned, with actionable clarity in the mind + in the Self, we can then take congruent action with where your energy + intention wishes to go, and eventually–flow.


    Whether you want to create a new course, a new offering, take acting classes, travel or create a new life! We can then align our newfound, embodied consciousness and integrate it with formative, right action. Here – is where dreams truly come alive, our energy starts to thrive, and our dreams are manifested at a rapid pace. It all comes to play here, baby!

  • Intuitive. Authentic. Powerful.

    Set in a comfortable and safe environment, I felt calm and open to the power at work. I loved Roshni’s flexible approach that intuitively worked with what my mind, body and spirt needed, tapping into her own ancient wisdom, along with expert knowledge gathered from her mentors. Combing logic and science with a strong spiritual grounding, together, we moved past trauma & current stress and pain. It resonated through my body to release and let go emotionally and physically. At the end of our session, I felt so much lighter, almost like seeing with fresh eyes again. Empowering and enlightening indeed. Roshni’s authentic sense of care is a testament to her kind, caring and nurturing manner.


    – Marie, AUS

    Empowering. Genuine. Trustworthy.

    Roshni is a spiritual sister to me. She has a way of spotting a blockage and gently empowers you with the tools to remove it. She is one of the most genuine and present people I’ve ever encountered and I trust her with my deepest pains and insecurities. I’ve been fortunate enough to unravel my traumas with her and I always have a breakthrough, always. She is an energy aligner and its an absolute honour to have her in my life.


    – Lavina, USA

  • If you're ready to make your dreams come true,


    become who you were meant to be, and truly thrive–I'm here for you. It's my absolute pleasure and honour to serve you, lead you & guide you; to hold you in the most nurturing, fundamental and supportive way to actualise your dream + Becoming; and usher a Greater Sense of You in the World.


    May your fruition be unlocked, your soul shine deeply + bright, your freedom be awakened and your wholesome power + potential, embodied. May you experience the full-thriving inner-joy of your invigorated wholesomeness, your deepest fulfilments, your fruited desires, and your holistic liberation!


    Here is to your Becoming.


    Roshni. xo


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    Duration: All sessions run for 1-hour.

  • 1:1 Full Fruition: Mentorship Program

    ~ Heal | Become | Create ~


    Breakthrough the all hard stuff; become who you were meant to be, and create what you were meant to create (through your project/s) in the world. Self-Actualization, Embodiment + Creation in real-time. All-at-once, with the most aligned, awakened + actualised support ever.


    Ready to become the most authentic version of you? At your own pace, in your own energy–in a grounded, held & deeply-experienced way? Actually succeed (this year...lol) and don't waste anymore time wondering what you could be, what you could be doing, and who you would've become 'if you did (insert dream here).' It's time to finally create your wild vision and actualise your success.


    Tired of doing all of the work on your own, want to cut through the wading eternity of bullshit, get to the real shit...and actually live your dream, now? Then this is for you. Break through the noise, achieve milestones, and actually experience results. Become the full, embodied Mama-Leader Queen that you are, and were meant to be. Slay, your way, today. Break through your fears, money issues, intimidations and big-dream blocks so you can finally DO the damn thang, and be guided whole-fully and soulfully to your next end-point...


    With truth, conviction, and clarity.


    Say hello to your fullest fruition; self-knowing, authentic growth + solidified confidence. In a timeframe, way and pace + way that holds, nurtures, supports and empowers you to fulfil the life of your potential.


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