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What I Wish For You in 2023

To your Becoming. X

· Dreams,Vision

Well, here we are again.

Another year, another opportunity.

Did you accomplish all you desired for in your 2022, beloved? If not...then I have some things to share with you.

2022 for me was incredibly all the ways I never would have expected.

I was forced to do the work that I didn't even know was there. The inner work–not what I had been avoiding, no, but instead–that which was trapped deep within layers of false beliefs, a crooked-self story and burdened sense of identity.

A plethora and mammoth amount of embedded, underlying trauma which had come about almost 16+ years ago–which was the root cause of my dysfunction and start-stop life of the career, life and dream I've always wanted, and what I was relentlessly working so diligently towards.

I was forced to look at, and face, these seriously deep parts of me (which was a pretty huge experience, given that I have a trained watchdog inside of my mind 24/7 who's always looking to tear some false belief or unhelpful story apart.) If you really know me, you would know. So you could imagine that this shit–was big.

Instead of slaying outwardly like you see the rest of these hardcore, fierce women on Instagram do–I was forced to look at this treacherous story which has stopped me in my tracks every time I tried to do something big or momentous on my journey. And instead of being or feeling defeated that I didn't accomplish what could be seen externally–boy oh boy, did I slay; in my own way.

Often, in the moment, we don't see our current hardships as massive blessings in the future; as opportunities to slay the inner dragons (because damn, those dragons are slaying hard on us in that moment, for real.)

But in hindsight, when we look back–we can do so in one of two ways:

1) With resentment, carrying the heavy load and baggage of the story we perceived to experience, which makes us feel shitty, heavy and probably depressed, or

2) With gratitude, for the opportunities that disguised themselves as treacherous villains standing in our way; when really, they were demons disguised as angels, waiting to give us the gift of the healing, the lesson, and being the opportunity to once again be reborn into not only who we truly are, but who we desire to become.

Our perception is the greatest gift we can give ourselves to determine our experience–whether we felt we lost, or...we won.

Essentially, instead of looking back and saying, 'Ah, I lost so much time from (this experience)...which held me back from (this experience)' I chose to see it as an essential tool and opportunity to fine-tune and build my foundations which I had not yet developed (because of those traumas) to make my dreams come alive. Sure, there were moments of questioning, and perhaps elements of passive regret which gently rose to the surface to try to make me feel shitter...but did I have bar of it? No. Nor did I decide to hold those old storylines, which I knew would bring vibrational baggage that would bring my down. Instead, I chose to raise me up.

Instead, I chose my perception; and I think that that is true power.

So this year–no matter what struggles you faced in the last one, and however you choose or chose to perceive them–I wish you joy and love in the face of your journey.

Yes, challenge in inevitable–for it is how we grow. If we do not have these lessons inbuilt in our minds already, then surely we would have already arrived at our next destination earlier. Therefore, these understandings must accrue for us to charge forward (and hopefully not around in circles.)

If I've learnt anything (and continuously learn) as a high-achieving, lets-get-it-going person who just wants to see the results now–pushing myself before life can unfold directly before me in the present- and physically-manifested moment, can become a strain. And that force can actually impound and eventually implode within me, causing me to experience pain and hardship before the results can be played out in real-time.

It's so much easier said than done...but when I allow joy, and conscious self-love, to be inflicted into my moments, whether that's prioritising what makes me feel good before 'getting it done' or pushing forward in some way...I enjoy the journey more. It–even in that moment–becomes easier, and there's less (self-inflicted) pain I experience, and I instead enjoy the ride of balancing on a board of flow.

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So–what I wish for you in 2023, beloved, is–to give yourself permission and space to inflict self-love (instead of unconscious self-harm) through intentional routes of pressing, flowing, allowing and moving forward.

In 2023, I wish for all of your dreams to come true from your own embodied momentum, and that you do so with self-care, love and equally the same amount of intensity of self-praise as you do with making it a reality.

In 2023, I pray and wish you embark on the route of dreams, balanced with practicality and coming into the sacredness of your centre.

I pray that all of your dreams come true–and that you do so with love, integrity to Self, and that your dreams come alive before your very eyes, as it's been a long-time-coming–with the amount of work and commitment you've devoted and dedicated towards yourself, and to being on this journey.

In 2023, I hope you grow–but function in and from love, rather than punitive self-forcing, -hatred or -remorse.

And by the end of 2023...I hope this incredibly-crafted experience which you've worked so hard or diligently toward–including that which God/The Universe has set forth to conspire alongside you–I hope you feel more fulfilled and nourished inside of your soul, deep in the centre of You...and that you know you did and committed to everything you possibly could have to turn that dream in to reality.

I hope you rest, find time for grace, and daily amounts of gratitude, to keep in balance and fill your cup as you should and need.

For life does not stop for us and wait to fulfil our dream...It is always there, waiting for us, egging us on and encouraging us to step into what we can create, and what is waiting to be created for us...should we so choose to embark on such a journey.

Ultimately, what I wish for you in 2023, beloved–is that you are happy. With your progress, your process, and all that you Become. Because the future of You is going to be so grateful you did.

With much love,