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My Money-Making Journey

A brief look into my process of being an artist turned spiritually-"enlightened" person, turned entrepreneur; and finally making a significant 5-figure passive income in 2023.

*FYI: This post was created for the Facebook Group/Community I'm a part of, which supports people to create a sustainable passive income.

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Finally, the post I’ve been wanting to make for months. {It’s long…but worth it.}

When I started this Amazon Influencer journey, I was not in the best place at all. 3 years prior, I had the worst breakdown of my life. Moving to my dream town (Byron Bay, Australia) to live my freedom-driven life – I did some funny things to make a living. I busked, dancing Samba like they do in Brazil (having a been performer for most of my life), hosted dance workshops + was ready to go all-in on my dream projects: coaching for women’s health + healing, hosting retreats…and pursuing the dream: my debut music album.

I really thought everything would work out (because usually, things did – in weird and wonderful ways.) But when I went all-in on the music…things took a heavy turn.

Up until that point, I had a pretty interesting life… Performing in my teens + early 20s to landing lead-roles in big stage musicals + TV shows; modelling + becoming a music channel TV host in Asia…despite suffering from severe anxiety + insomnia for 9 years prior. I got into the worst health predicament of my life around then, which led me to some epic health gurus + integrative doctors – helping me heal, and completely changing my life. At 24, I had an authentic spiritual awakening, lived like a monk for a near-year through healing, and then opened Australia’s first integrative arts organisation for marginalised people (starting with kids with disability, as I had a late baby-sister who passed away from hers… And it was always a dream to create a performing arts school for these kids from my humanitarian + philanthropic vision, intention + heart.)

Now…even though the program was going to be integrated into the scholastic curriculum statewide just 9-ish months after launching (not bad for a 24 year-old with big dreams, hehe) we *just* fell short – due to budget cuts from the government. *Sigh.* I didn’t wanna be co-dependent financially on something external anyway… But I just knew that this thing could become so big + successful. And it was (being funded privately first) – but I predicted it would take at least 5 years till I could get the biz off the ground…5 years I felt I didn’t have the time to doggy-paddle my way to financial security, support + freedom.

So I let it go. Onset of a deep depression…I tried working my way out by teaching integrative workshops in other markets, traveling nationally + internationally to teach, being semi-successful in that…but entrepreneurially, it just wasn’t sustainable. (Enter the hyper-creative right-brainer in a now-needing-to-be left-brained world.)

The transition from artist/creative to entrepreneur was real. Life got weird. I tried to figure it out…all while battling with this internal slump inside, working toward the dream.

Back to 4 years ago in Byron Bay. Living the dream! (Minus the finances.) Feeling absolutely fricken free, dancing on my favourite beach every single morning. Bliss. Time to launch into the project…the big one that would change my world forever... The one I was supposed to do before all the humanitarian stuff…but my heart was just so big + ready to “change the world,” and impact + inspire so many lives through my inherent experience + vision.

...I connected with a local music producer, and tried to vibe. He was the only one producing my genre in the area…so you make the most of what you’ve got. We became good friends…got quite close…and he assisted with my projects. (Musicians + creatives collaborate. It’s natural, it’s easy, and it’s how we create things.) Though intuitively, I felt like it wasn’t safe…*this* was my only chance to finally make something work – if I put my whole heart, soul, mind, body + commitment into it. Yet, something still kept gnawing at me…

Almost a year later, with a bunch of tracks grasped in my hand; needing to stay at his place for convenience, but also because I didn’t have much money…something didn’t feel right. (Trigger warning) Eventually…I was sexually-exploited – and from the stress, being in between homes, the personal + professional obstruction, and my relentless hustle to make it all happen…I had a breakdown. 😞

All of my money, time, energy invested into this thing – I couldn’t even launch because of the situation... Everything I had worked toward…gone. What’s more, it was so bad that I lost all of my neurotransmitters, leaving me catatonic in bed (like I was in a coma, but awake) for the majority of 2020. I almost died. No matter what I did, regardless of the dexterity of tools that I had, I could barely heal. I felt like a disabled slug in a world of persevering bullet trains. It was the hardest time of my life…

After going through all I had already gone through, at such a young age, yet with nothing to show for it–you could say I was on the verge of questioning my life. And I did… I spent my 30th birthday in bed. That sucked! When I should be celebrating my successes + all I had contributed to humanity and the community through my social work, instead I felt alone + isolated, on the verge of life and death…

Then, January 2023 came. Travis’ face popped up on my Instagram. I worked so hard & diligently within those years to heal as best as I could (with support now… thank God) so I was rearing + ready to jump on “the thing” that could change my financial future + state forever. (I fricken deserved it I think 🤣)

I saw his ad…jumped on it – and given my hefty experience, I was not in the place to question whether $97 was a risky investment to make. I went all in. (As best as I could…as I could still only function at 50% at that point.) But I had no excuses.

I committed myself to working 4 days/week (10ish hours/week? All I could do back then) for the first 4 months – reviewing everything I could find. Going to family-friends’ places and raiding their stuff. Neighbours’. Parents’. Whomever – WHATever. Nothing could stop me. And if $30K/month passively was possible for me through this? Pfft. Let's go.

What would this mean for me? It meant I could heal, without needing to work. It meant I could follow through + fulfil my artistic vision and dream, without worrying about the basics we all get so caught up in. And it meant I actually could have a stable foundation to work off, that would guarantee my safety + security for my future – so I wouldn’t need to depend on people (like men in the industry who potentially exploit beautiful + talented women for their goods.) A story we all hear too-often, and don’t think we’d ever know a woman who was actually “exploited”…until she is.

It would also mean that I didn't have to rely on income from my own business – something I’d spent SO many years trying to figure out + master.

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A year later…here we are. Near $40K AUD – and some hectic life skills to show for it. I learnt that whatever I set my mind, heart + energy to…no matter what’s happened…I could succeed.

After (what felt like) a lifetime of failure, not just because of what happened, but because we finally diagnosed the undisclosed C-PTSD living inside of me; I finally succeeded in + created something *stable,* that made me feel GOOD. And EVEN despite those medical “limitations”…I prevailed. Yes, due to the epic convenience and ease of this program…and YES, due to Travis and his leadership…but also–because I learnt I *COULD.*

I’ve walked away with so much resilience + faith from taking the leap and committing to this process. I’m grateful to @Travis Stephenson who, through his own energy + no excuses, does not stop at anything to create what he knows is possible for himself and others. I’m grateful to this community of awesome people who have such high values, and are just genuinely good people – I’m grateful for such a thriving community that actually has *results* and WORKS.

But most of all – I’m grateful that this program exists (lol) and for the experience – to teach + show me what I’m actually made of.

And the same goes for you, too: if you just commit to the process, and don’t give up or give in. Giving up is just repeating the same patterns you're used to. Don't do that – CHANGE. EVOLVE. No matter the circumstances. I always tell my peeps – you keep going till you get results. The end. Then, eventually, you can put your feet up – because all systems invested into, and all energy inputted into something before the fruits show themselves, will ALWAYS end up as a good + wise choice made. No matter how hard or challenging it is.

Any prevalent commitment is ALWAYS a good investment. Period.

So what are you waiting for 😊 I believe in you. And shit, if I could do it (despite being a pretty high-functioning human, who had almost no capacity/50% max when starting out…) YOU CAN TOO.

Keep going. Don't stop. Believe that you CAN; and you will.

Let’s go. 🚀 x

P.S. Here’s me on a private island (flex 😂) last year in Dec showing what can be achieved if you just do the damn thang. Along with just over a year’s income from joining the program + earning commissions on Feb 14 2023 to today. :)

P.P.S. If you’re keen to join my free FB group – I’m about to launch my signature Influencer trainings that a) troubleshoots *all* issues (and I mean, ALL) to make it *easily* in the program and help you get there with flying colours. But mostly b) help you to scale to 5 figures fast (like I did in 7 months) with ALL of the tools, tips + shortcuts. You’re welcome to join for the vibes + stay tuned for updates on the trainings super soon. :) Peace! X