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Becoming A Sensually-Embodied Goddess

And the steps to take to truly come alive.

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The path of sensual embodiment is almost inevitable for those who venture on the path of healing. For when you choose to heal your wounds, your traumas, your hardships–it opens up a gateway to opening inside your body–making more way and room for sensuality, inner-body connection and hence, the embodiment of such. (Please read The Path of Spiritual & Authentic Embodiment if you've not already, as these steps apply and are the prerequisite to becoming a "sensually-embodied goddess.")

It is for those who are on the path of deep self-discovery–and perhaps is one of the greatest, most delicious byproducts of healing your sh*t to live an authentic life. The natural byproduct of healing becomes one of enjoying and relishing in deep, pure peace, self-connection, joy, wellbeing, absolute & innate pleasure, and coming home to onself; on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. This presses forth into the physical body, hence returning home in a way that has never felt so good before.

Let's dive into what you need to do in order to embody this sensual, affluent, effervescent way of being:

1. Follow your Heart.

As mentioned above, coming into oneself as a 'sensual goddess' is a natural byproduct of healing your inner wounds and subsequent traumas, as it frees your body to feel it all. When you heal your wounds, your body opens. And when your body opens, you naturally become more interconnected with yourself and your heart; a natural pathway to Her and it's callings opens up. The key here, is to follow Her. Listen to what she's asking you to do, beloved...and move forward with that.

If fear arises, know it's just past conditionings or traumas awaiting or arising to meet you. The way to move through this is to allow it to rise till it passes, feeling all sensations and letting the process move through you (known as somatic experiencing. More on this powerful topic and modality another time.) Or, get the support you need to truly heal and feel safe within yourself and your surroundings, so you can safely follow your heart.

(The starting key to following your heart is to truly listen to what's being felt. Again, this will show itself naturally as the healing process unfolds before you, when done correctly.) By coming more inward, you are activating your feminine energy and spirit, and She will lead you to where you need to go. Learning to trust, take one step, (get support if need be) and listening is the key.

2. Come into your Body–through Movement, Stillness, and Bodywork.

The more we release inner tensions stored in our being & body, the more we have access to the Beauty which naturally lies within–both sensually and erotically. (The latter path is what usually unfolds after sensuality has begun to open; these two elements go hand-in-hand, hence why sexual healing & sexuality is usually the byproduct of becoming sensually embodied.)

There are many ways to go about coming into your body: in movement, it can be dance, slow yoga, intentional slow & sensual movement, or even going for a walk or a relaxing swim. Movement moves stuck and stagnant energy, so while we focus on releasing tension here, the overall key here is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (or rest-and-digest) for slowness, down-regulation and relaxation. So try to focus or have the intention of becoming more alivened inside your body through awareness and interior-connection.

In stillness, we become more present and alive to the moment, but of course slow down to stop if we need to. By coming into stillness, we can slow the mind and body, focus inwardly and just find peace, in the moment. Beautiful ways to create stillness are going into nature, finding a private place or having solo time, going into a dark room to lie down or meditate, or doing a float session in the ocean, pool or a float tank. Here, we create space in the mind, and hence the body, making way for nautral connection to self and energy to flow through.

Bodywork–of course, as I've said before, is my favourite. By having someone work their own magic on my body, without me exerting any effort or trying to release or relax my body myself, is such a gift. Both to allow, and receive. What's most important to me, aside from the physicalities of the modality and session itself that I'm receiving, is the energy & intention of the person giving a session to me. This, for me, is what determines and is the make-or-break point of who I choose to go to for an authentic bodywork session. Modalities I recommend are: Deep-tissue massage, remedial massage (or any massage-style you love and makes you feel all gooey and yummy) and Zen-Thai Shiatsu. If you've not tried the latter...I highly recommend you find a practitioner near you. It combines zen principles with thai and shiatsu (Japanese) massage. The result: absolute homeward-bound to self, connection and utter peace inside the body-and-mind. I'm grateful to have many friends whom are certified in this modality (as the originator and founder lives in the same state as I do.) Lucky me :)

3. Awaken Your Sexuality.

Sexual healing has long been known to traditionally awaken and inspire one’s creative expression into the World. Healing ones sexual desires, traumas and conditionings is most definitely the safest and most conscious way to awaken one’s sexuality, so that it is an alignment with one's highest good and intention for all.

{More on this in a bit.}

4. Create Safety.

Ultimately, to activate a healthy, interconnected state of wellbeing within you–especially as a womban–we must feel safe. All of basic our needs (or the important ones) must be met, or perhaps are working toward being met, but we feel at peace and comfort working towards those goals and desires. Either way, our parasympathetic nervous system (or what makes us feel safe and relaxed) cannot be properly engaged if we don't feel safe in our bodies. Whether we have trauma, or our present-day circumstances or environment is causing us to have an overactivated sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) being or becoming a sensually-alivened goddess cannot occur without having our basic parameters of safety being met. So, to fulfil this necessity, some questions to ask are:

  • Do you feel safe in your current circumstances? Why not? How can you change this?
  • Do you feel loved? Do you love yourself?
  • Have you taken action on what you can do to create a safe situation or environment? Is money something that is affluent & abundant, or scarce?
  • If you're stuck or suffering, how can you get help or receive support, so you can safely move forward?

Safety is a prerequisite to embodiment itself, because it's how we feel at home in our bodies. So a huge step you can take in creating holistic wellbeing for your life is meeting your (basic) needs and creating a homely environment, both within you, for you and around you.

The divine guidance one takes to find themselves to becoming sensually-embodied is something that is such a gift; and usually, begins with a journey of suffering or pain. So, should you find yourself in a situation where you desire to live a life of freedom, joy and balance–my love–know you are walking in the right direction. It will only be a matter of time till you naturally feel this effervescent experience within yourself, as it starts to manifest and unfold within you, as you grow, move, heal–and become.

Know that the path to becoming the goddess you want to be is surely on its way. May you walk in the path of your Becoming–and heal the very depths of you which is asking to be healed.

With much love,

Roshni x